Sunday, August 31, 2008

Selamat Hari Merdeka ke-51

Since 26 August 2008, the ruling bandit went on panic run. Just like previous colonial ruler, truth is something to be hidden from the rakyat. Malaysia Today has been blocked for days and bloggers that disseminate information, that make us ponders what have we become today and that make us weep because the truth is so far away from what is being portrayed, may face difficulties, which we may not know of, because the ruling bandit is so damn good about spinning lies. Indeed, it is a sad day. We are just like our forefathers - being denied the truth and whoever told the truth will be incarcerated.

For the last few days too, i managed to watch Astro (i don't watch TV normally) and everytime it aired our Lee Chong Wei and his coach, Haji Misbun Sidek, i shed tears. That's racial unity at its best. That's selfless determination at its strongest. For me, that's the best Independence Day's ads. Others, just idiotic mockery of what Malaysia is today - so unreal, so pathetically cheery - they sucks!

Today, we do not stand on what makes us a human being with functional grey matters. We are just like herds who follows signs of survival. We forget that everyone plays an important part instead of looking at the status and what's in your bank account - signs that you are worth it in this world. We cringed at people who make a big fuss about freedom, justice, integrity. We idolise fake stability, laced with lies, stupidities and injustice. Mediocre is a way of life and money rules the heart. Jealousy runs high and insecurity dictates your actions. Malaysians, what have we become?

I vow to be an upright Malaysian. I wish truth will prevail. Scully, Mulder, can you help us?

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