Sunday, August 17, 2008

My chaffeured-driven BUS

I started taking the bus to work almost 2 weeks now. Not bad at all as I will hop on the bus around 6.45 am and get down at Jln Sultan Ismail/ Jln TAR junction around 8.00 am. Ill be in the office by 8.15 am. Cool aint it? No way they are going to issue me latecomer warning letter now..hehheheh

Since the bus comes every 30 minutes, i will definitely get to see the same drivers and conductors on the bus every single working day. I make a point to put on my 'charming smile' and bid them good morning or how are you every time i got on the bus. Not to 'bodek' or 'kipas', just my little token of appreciation for them driving me safe and sound. Naturally, my little kind gestures are returned in them smiling back, asking me how do i get back home, is it safe for me to wait there, etc. I am touched because strangers could have that kind of concern about me - another stranger. That is so thoughtful of them. Trying to make their driving a little smooth, i sometimes popped some sweets or gums to them or even drinks.

One thing that keep me high spirited during the bus ride is listening to the radio. I will tap my feet oblivious to the person next to me or the maddening traffic outside the bus and lip-sync the tune. Yes, me and my radio - priceless!

Did i tell u that i save a lot on transportation because i buy the monthly travel pass for RM118? Lets consider i commute...petrol to get to Kuang Commuter Station (traveling time : 20-30 mins, to n fro will cost me around RM20 a day), Kuang to BNM (RM5 a day) x 20 working days = RM500 at least per month? wow..

And did i tell u that by paying RM118 a month, i could be riding in a bus perhaps as old as i am. That troubles me because i can see the difficulty for the drivers to drive such a bus, the minute he throttled, you feel like the bus is going to fall apart into metal pieces... Look out for Selangor Omnibus Bus. Yea, thats my chaffeured-driven bus. It doesn't look that cool, it accepts too many kinds of people on board ( i in Medan?) but boy, it works like clock work...that excites me to the core...KTM couldn't beat them!

While some are airconditioned, some offers free, blowing winds through your face.. How invigorating.

I know some people are shocked to hear me taking a bus (gosh, a banker taking a bus ride? thats cheapskate man). Do i give a damn? Nope...nil, zilch...i'd rather buy my 3-yr old cousin RM140-1,000 pieces jigsaw puzzles or splashed on phone bills... hehehhehehe...

Ops, did i tell u the bus can take me home in 1.5 hrs? Me, listening to the radio, reading my fave book and perhaps catch a nap? Heaven! ;)

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