Sunday, February 10, 2008

On my way back to The Little Red Dot

Thank God I got the ticket back to The Little Red Dot.

You see, I am a big dreamer and i can live in my on dream oblivious to people and things around me. I just dont simply care.

But today, my senses were super alert. Why? Heres why: -

1. Awi looks good in white and maybe because i looked at him too often, he could sense it and it is good to see him smiling happily. He made my trip worthwhile today. During busy times, I can see him frowning. Ops, please do not get me wrong. I was not flirting with him. I want him to be happy at work (He is working in the same company as my youngest bro. He reserves the best seat for me everytime i go back downsouth)

2. A lady sat in front of me with her little cute daughter (Hello! All toddlers are cute!). She started singing the usual kiddies' songs and i missed my eldest nephew, Nor Faris Haziq, whom i last kissed this morning before they (my sis' family) went back to their house in Damai Perdana. With the arrival of my 2 nephews, I think I make a good Mak Long, a great Playmate and I know it is so true that you will only know how much you can love someone until you have your own child and in my case, my own nephews.

3. Gosh! I cannot stand listening to this hindi couple smooching (loudly) next to me while playing a loud hindi song to show how deeply in love are they to the rest of the people in the bus. Yucks! Please, I support couples showing affections publicly but not necking each other in public because i do not think that is a show of true love. It could be purely hormonal!

4. I had good laughs reading a novel by Amy Tan - The Hundred Sense Secret. Hmm...that is weird because it is a novel, not a comic, a cartoon strips or Readers' Digest's Laughter Section. So, in this case, was I out of my senses? I cannot wait to finish it and start collecting Amy Tan's books. She is capable of pulling my heartstring. Amazingly to me, i bought this novel out of nothing to read at a cheap price of RM10 (i support Mother Nature by buying 2nd hand books plus the old, doggy eared pages are so appealing. Old is Gold!). I know why - the novel shows how insecurity could drive you crazy and how it breaks almost all your relationships with people you loved because you doubts their every moves and motives no matter how good they are.

5. I was reading Malaysia Today when my instinct told me to lock the door. Hm.. Who would have open the door to my room without knocking it right? Wrongggg... as i was lying on my bed and was intended to daydream a bit, someone did open the door! I cannot be telling you what i was wearing in the comfy of my room. It would be a disgrace to me but WT tutttt he opened the door to my room? I am still thinking but I could not figure out one logical reason. Next time, i better lock the door and trust my instincts without doubts.

Back to my No. 1 reason, Awi, thanks a lot! I will surely miss him once i am back to KL for good by July this year.

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