Friday, February 15, 2008

There's an athlete in each one of us...

Today, i summoned a courage to sms my friend, A, and asked him if he is still working in the same company because i haven't heard from him since i came here. Why i need courage to do that? He's married and sms-ing a married man is a delicate task. And why do I have to keep in touch with him? Because I am a, not that... if i found that one $,$$$,$$$,$$$-aire to fund my 'little getaway resort' atop Penang Hill, I want him to be part of my team.

He's an engineer by profession. Sometimes, my works require me to visit the projects under construction with an engineer. So, from too many waiting times at the airports, at the jetties, in the cars, i am amazed that he is very passionate in everything he does and he does so many things. It is inspiring to see that he can turn his passion in sports, health and anything adventurous into a good business setup.

In his latest sms to me, he asked me to check out his business' website Please do visit his business website to know more about him (check out the trainer - Ian) and how he can help you and people around you. Health is Wealth and I am sure A could help you to turn it into your lifestyle.
Trust me, you'll be in good hands. By the way, did i tell you that he organised jungle trekking and camping for foreigners, served mushroom soup and satay for dinner in the jungle?
A, all my best wishes!

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