Sunday, February 10, 2008

A little kindness goes a long way!

  • I was in a really cheerful disposition last saturday thinking that I will have more than one week to spend with my family back in KL for CNY. Hehehehhe...I am not even Chinese.

  • A bus driver was kind enough to wait for me because he could just leave. So, i thought thanking him as I got on the bus is not enough, i wished "Happy Lunar New Year" to him on my way down the bus, purposely going through the front door to wish him face to face. Guess he was suprised and thank me smilingly.

  • Today, i was a bit grumpy because I did not have my lunch. So weird, as the bus from KL stopped at Beach Road (Sultan Road), I thought Kg Glam area would fill my tummy with something good but I did not see anything appetising enough to eat.

  • After taking the MRT back to Bishan, I stopped Bus No. 52. In my heart, I was praying that the bus driver will not make remarks on me carrying a drink on the bus (just bought some burger and jasmine green tea from McD and I did not ask for a bag to put my drink in). As i stepped on the bus, I heard someone saying "Hello! How are you?" I looked up and saw a young chinese guy sitting behind the wheel smiling from ear to ear to me. In shocked, i smiled sheepishly and replied "fine, thanks..." Tens of seconds later, it came to my senses that he was the kind driver that waited for me last saturday.

  • I am contented. Indeed, a small kind gesture goes a long way. Of course, I do not win a lottery but both of us are happy and i am sure we made others happy too.

  • Would not it be great if we could be kind, in its simplest, sincerest way, to others just for the sake of it and not for fame, for a favour in return? Everyone deserves that. Maybe a movie "Pay It Forward" capture this simple act beautifully.

  • One of the taglines from the movie is "when someone does you a big favour, dont pay it it forward". See for more this movie and the real life Pay It Forward Foundation.

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