Monday, June 7, 2010

Latuk VT - The King, The Crook & The Gambler

Latuk VT - this psychedelic psy-chic cannot stomach anything and everything about him.

Now, he said he will donate RM525 million to charity. If I am not selectively amnesiac, he and his friends set up one charity body, which extended invitations to attend their Gala Dinner (featuring ex-USSR country cultural performance) to us a few years ago. I didn't go because it didn't feel right succumbing to the invitation from people like them - "I'm good to you, you better be good to me too [another version of 1lousy peeem]".

At the same time, his friends sat on the board of company, which was granted a contract to print our currency notes during The Sleepy Lah time. Unfortunately, the approval was revoked after our central bank found out about it and some lynchs walking along the corridor of power were asked how on earth they got such contract. Thank God it didn't get off but some parties suffered tens of million being downpayment to a certain printer maker in Swiss Alps. To make the matter worst, some pertinent security documents in favour of the financiers were not executed by the time funds were remitted to the printer maker.

Oh! I've just attended a training on Anti Money Laundering Act a couple of weeks ago. So, i am not sure if you know some people set up charity bodies to camouflage their money laundering activities.

So, go figure!

Oh! By the way, since we don't want those money from Latuk VT, we also don't want to support these establishments controlled by him: -

1. Toto

2. Singer

3. Inter-Pacific Securities, Inter-Pacific Asset Management, Berjaya Sompo Insurance, Prime Credit Leasing

4. Cosway

5. HVN

6. Country Farms

7. Borders (visit Kino, TIMES or MPH instead)

8. Berjaya-Air, Kelab Darul Ehsan, Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort, Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort, Bukit Banang Golf & Country Club, Staffield Country Resort, Desa Water Park, Berjaya Langkawi Resort, Berjaya Redang Resort, Berjaya Tioman Resort, Berjaya Penang Hotel, Berjaya Singapore Hotel, Berjaya Hotel Colombo, Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino (Seychelles), Berjaya Praslin Resort (Seychelles), Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel,

9. Berjaya Times Square (bad feng shui - opposite Pudu Jail plus it belongs to bad people. Well, talk about mirror image effect)

10. Colmar Tropicale

11. Prime Gaming (Philippines), Berjaya Lottery Management (Hong Kong)

12. [Kenny Rogers] Roasters

13. Starbucks & Gloria Jean’s(pricey drinks for lousy service)

14. Wendy’s

15. Papa John’s Pizza

16. Krispy Crème

17. Bandartex, Knitex, Soutex, Magni-Tech

18. BerMaz Motors, Dunia Prestasi Auto, Changan Berjaya Auto, Nusa Otomobil, Aston Martin-Lagonda (SEA), Brilliance Auto, KUB-Berjaya Enviro

19. Informatics, Berjaya University College of Hospitality (which extended horrible assistance to the King of Grills - Robert Rainford - during his tour to Malaysia - you gotta check out his comments on his 1Malaysia experience. Shish. No wonder Daniel Boulud tak nak datang sini)

20. The Sun (free dailies? no thanks)

21. Berjaya Land, Greenfields Apartments (Bukit Jalil), Sarawak Turf & Equestrian Club and Taiga Building Products (Canada).


joshua wong said...

Dear Fi-Sha,

Agreed with you whole-heartedly. Hey, i didn't know that Latuk had bought over 'The Sun'. Damn! i deserved to be whacked. No more free dailies for me...

Thanks for this update. Appreciate it :-)

Fi-sha said...

Hi Joshua!

VT's Berjaya Corp bought ard 36% of Nexnews' shares - the co that owns The Sun and The Edge Financial - in Jan 2008.

I'm sorry about that... but no more dailies for me because I know they will turn into OLD NEWSPAPER - i hate collecting them :)