Thursday, June 10, 2010

Funds for Fun Anyone?

The other day, I was having my cuppa with my dear old friend along the road where Asian Heritage Row is located. Apart from Cochine, I sought his wisdom why on earth we call this row of colonial buildings a Heritage one when it is full with clubs and bars? So, we blamed DBKL - the one giving such licences, thinking anything would be good as long as they could generate some income, even at the expense of such cultural mockery. Shishhh..

p.s. Imagine an old lady trying to act young.. She's definitely a horrible sight!

Oh, if you must know, when I used to commute with KTMB a few years ago, I would cherish my slow walk along that road - imagining its good old days and wishing I was living those moments. Though living in this era, most of the time I feel like I have such an old soul that only takes comfort in those good old days. Cafes and posh places make me feel out of places. I yearn for simplistic beautiful lifestyle that today's life couldn't offer me since most things, places and people are superficial and artificial.

So, when the news of the Gomen thinking of shifting the Parliament to Putra-not-so-jaya, I get infuriated. We could see how humungous the Palace is (such sinful lavishness at the expense of pro-rich subsidies cut), thinking this little nation having a new Parliament building stinks with absurdity!

Somehow, this kind of 'syok sendiri' news comes after the Gomen has expressed its intention to monetise lands in Sg Buloh and Jalan Ampang. I will laugh like a hyena if the Gomen ever said that such developments would create more job opportunities when we know too well, most of the labourers would be from Indonesia, India and Bangladesh, the con-sultants would be foreign companies and the developers would be getting some handsome commissions. What we would be getting is just more socio-economic problems! These developments do not enrich our life - they just make some parties super rich - that's all.

Not enough of creating such artificial developments, the Gomen also thinks it's good for us to take up more borrowings. Read Sir Hawkeye's "Malaysia borrowing for fun..." if you don't think I'm not that smart enough to see this coming.

Do you think we could hire Patty Hewes to bring those corrupted lots to court?


joshua wong said...

Hi Fi-Sha

Loved this article.

Well, i guess the old days were really good days. Even the music then has a certain emotion and warmth not found in today's.

The existing Parliament building was the creative vision of our beloved Tunku. And now they want to move to a new one, a one without soul, just like them.

But no matter how slick, or high-tech, or modern the infrastructure these bunch move to, their mentality will still be no better than that of a 'Bung Mokhtar'.

You have a good day.

Wenger J Khairy said...

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