Thursday, June 17, 2010

How I Wish...

Firstly, I thank God for His mercy. MP Tian Chua will continue to serve his Batu constituency (I go through his constituency every working day so he is important to me, too ;)).

Secondly, looking at the above photo (courtesy of Mkini), how I wish those SB and Men in Blue (huhuhuhu) could show similar gumption to curb our escalating crime and protect us all common people. I guess we all need to be elected as MP or registered as members to Opposition Parties to receive such 'protection'.

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Antares said...

Throughout history, troops and security forces have had only one real mandate - to protect the petty interests of the ruling elite. Our PDRM and SB are merely mantaining an age-old tradition! If we find that disgusting and intolerable... well, we only have to dispense with tradition and begin anew, minus the karmic baggage of the corrupt and twisted past!