Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Even Music Plays Important Role

In Greek mythology, Muses are the goddesses or spirits who inspire the creation of literature and the arts. They were considered the source of the knowledge, related orally for centuries in the ancient culture, that was contained in poetic lyrics and myths.

Let me introduce you to my favourite band of the decade – Muse from Devon, UK. Called the best live band in the world (yea, they sing better live than on record simply due to energetic, colourful and extravagant shows – can you believe that, opposite to most artists?).

When you listen to Muse’s, you could have alternative, progresive rock, classical music and electronica all in one song – that’s what I call operatic and melodramatic, just like me! In addition to their musical prowess, I read their lyrics and they all make sense. When was the last time you heard a malaysian song that rings some bells? Well, the legendary M.Nasir last produced his album in 2006 and after that all I heard of from malay radio stations are just lovey-dovey, sad, soapy, sappy, giddy songs – Ewww! Please save the breakfast in my tummy before I puke them out talking more about the sorry state of our syok-sendiri music industry. Tak membina langsung, so katak bawah tempurung!

Why not let the songs tell you a story, wake your soul, pull a string in your heart, quench your anger in your belly, stir up an idea in you grey matter – simply, they all have thinking and fighting spirits and that is all we and this deplorable Ibu Pertiwi direly need at this moment.

May I suggest you listen to “Exogenesis Symphony” and of course my fave, “Uprising”. When you listen to the latter, imagine the greedy capitalist and corrupted men in power.

Muse really amuses me - intelligently!

p.s. Muse will hold its second concert in The Little Red Dot’s Indoor Stadium on 3 Feb 2010. The city nation will also open its door to my fave Paramore as they will rock the stadium on 7 Mar 2010. Both bands have their songs featured in “Twilight”, by Stephenie Meyer.

Still along the line, I heard over Lite FM's Swing Time last sunday night "Rahasia Perempuan" by ex-Dewa 19 vocalist, Muhammad Dhani. It's beautiful and then i listened to songs from his first swing album called "Muhammad Dhani & The Swinger" which include our classic Tan Sri P. Ramlee's "Madu Tiga" - wowieeeee! What more could i say. He's brilliant, the swing assembly was perfect and suddenly the reality kicked me so hard on my cranium - why can't our malay artists be as creative as indonesian malay ones? I guess NEP syndrome not only stunted our economic and knowledge growth, it also disrupt healthy flow of creative juice of our artists. That's...sad....

p.s.s.s. One of my dear friends called me up saying that she was thinking of ‘deleting’ certain people from her ‘hard drive’. So, with Devil Advocate’s hat on this morning, I said “Why not?”. Even I have made it into my NY resolution – getting rid of people and things that drag me down instead of uplifting me to achieve greater purpose in life. Yes, it is time to focus on people, things and causes that make a difference in our life. I must tell you it feels so good. Yes, we must start to put good purpose to everything and everyone in our life. Only then, we would not hesitate to serve their purpose of existence, in the first place – to make us a better person!


The Corporate Athlete said...

The only music that I listen to is the one from Hitz.fm whenever I get caught in the jam. Now, I have a purpose to go back into my fav CD store in Subang Parade to look for this Muse band :) merci.

Fi-sha said...

Hi bro

Hitz is also promoting Muse's concert in The Little Red Dot and rest assured they would play their songs quite frequently.

p.s. Nice NY look bro!