Friday, January 8, 2010

Desperate Maladies Require Desperate Remedies

Those people who will march today, protesting for exclusivity of Allah, God Almighty, be used by muslims are definitely having desperate maladies.

Their maladies are their insecurity for losing the power to remain in power, that their ends justify their means, even if they have to bring such sacred matter into their own dirty hands and filthy hearts.

French people say, "Desperate maladies require desperate remedies".

Well, these people, God, please have mercy on their idiotic reckless acts, suddenly feel the need to march today. Perhaps, the insecurity they are feeling are unbearable. Of course, for people with no hearts like them, these maladies would only affect their ability to speak truth, to think rationally and to act like civilised human beings - they are too painful to bear.

Well, FRU people suddenly feel that they are too busy protecting us, common people, their absence from the scene is indeed blinding!

Oh! I heard some thundering sounds outside my window - is that a chopper with some lame, 'saya-yang-menurut-perintah' men, wasting some precious petrol, monitoring the protest?

Gee. Like Mssr Art says aptly in his post here, welcome to Malaysia Darul Bizzare!

My apology and deepest sympathy to all our Christian brothers and sisters for such bizzareness architectured by some crooks running loose along our Corridor of Power.

Let's not fall into those crooks' desperate remedies. After all, they are the ones who are sick to the core. Let them be.

May Allah, Go Almighty, bless us all common people.

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