Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Best Community Social Responsibility I've Seen

Developer misrepresenting facts of project - Metro Central, 7 Jan 2010

WITH regard to the letter that appeared in StarMetro on Jan 1 headlined “Developer sticking to plan.”

The developer again is misrepresenting facts with regard to the Sentul Raya development project when they state that Lot 16 is designated for low-cost and medium-cost apartments.

The developer was supposed to have built KTMB Village medium-cost apartments on the portion of the land (PT 16) allocated to KTMB under the privatisation project.

This component was to be owned by KTMB for use as its staff quarters since about 1,200 old quarters were demolished from the development land.

This was not meant for low-cost housing, which, in the original approved development plan, has been allocated to be built on the neighbouring plots between KTMB Village and the present Boulevard shophouses. There were allocation for four to five blocks of high-rise low-cost apartments on this designated land.

The squatters were then promised a unit each on this land and not in Puchong or elsewhere. The developer has also made misrepresentations on the medium cost components such as Villa Perhentian and others.

They seem to have converted all these components into high-cost products for maximum return disregarding the Corporate Social Responsibility and the approved policy of the Government to “regenerate” Sentul KTMB reserve land for the benefit of all by building low-cost, medium-cost and high-cost mixed development. A mere reference to the published original development plan (Master Plan) should throw enough light on these issues.

The developer should stop misleading and confusing the public and stakeholders in the project by making irresponsible statements. They should, instead, implement Sentul “regeneration” project for the benefit of all stratum of society and not for the benefit of the rich and famous alone.

Hj Moideen N K
President, Sentul Raya real estate buyers

I feel so relieved (sigh!), because there are still good people in this Ibu Pertiwi, especially when this comes from a group of people who can afford better things in life. These are enlightened people. Dear God, bless them all and please protect in any way possible those people who have been treated unfairly.

I was hoping to see this from buyers of condo in Kg Buah Pala - I guess Penangites remain kiasu.

Since most Malaysians just don't care about looming injustice in this Ibu Pertiwi, I only have God to move a certain string in their heart or trigger a certain spark in their mind to stop this Ibu Pertiwi from going down even further.

Move over Corporate Social Responsibility, Hello Community Social Responsibility.

Our future is in our hands!

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