Saturday, March 15, 2008

A year wiser...Happy Birthday to Me...

On 27 Feb 2008, I turned 34.

It was quite a day. I am yet to fully recover from horrible gastric attack the previous weekend. Eating was the last thing on my mind as I vomitted all out later - for once, eating was a scary thing to do though i became weaker for lack of nutrition. Still (suprisingly), I managed to go to work, finished my works while cringing in pain at my desk. Even to sleep was a painful experience. I cried myself to sleep for almost a week.

Wishes i received from my family had given me strength to celebrate. So, i got myself anti-vomitting tablet during the lunch and by 6.30pm, i felt so carnivorous - i want to have some meat for dinner. I got myself BurgerKing's double whopper (gosh it was so huge) and a HelloKitty Buttered-Icing Mini Cake. The excitement and the pain all at the same time made me sleepy so fast that night. I ate half the burger and did not touch the cake. I slept soundly like a log. Heaven...

What an experience to usher in another new year of my existence in this world. I tried to think that now I am 34, I am wiser (and stubborn still), stronger (I wont let people put fear in me unneccessarily), compassionate (making people i loved feel connected to me and happy is my new way of life) and be more action-oriented (even though the tasks are not to my likings).

Yes, I am still single. And I know why some people remain unmarried for the rest of their life. And why some people remain childless, by choice, for the rest of their married life. By mid-30s, I have strong views on certain things. I am glad my parents respected my unconventional views about life.

I wish for many things in life and would they come to life? It depends on me and me alone.

"Love is everywhere and in you if you see the beauty in everything, in everyone and in you"

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