Saturday, March 15, 2008

Waking up to the New Dawn

I believe in signs...

My parents and I drove to Wangsa Maju and Pandan Indah from Puncak Alam to vote at our constituencies. At first, I thought my parents will be reluctant to travel but they were in such high spirit, I was so proud of them.

First, to my parents' votine centre in Wangsa maju. This is UMNO's stronghold area and growing up in this area in my formative years, I know so well money reigns this place. Any attendance to UMNO gatherings or talks will be paid handsomely back in 80's. As we past by BN's post, full of flags, banners etc., an pole with BN's flag dropped next to us. The young man there said loudly that it is a good sign that BN will win. I gave a smirk. For me, it will be the opposite. My mom, at the age of 59, climbed 2 flights of stairs to vote while my dad was lucky enough to exercise his right on the ground floor. Since, they segregated people according to the year they were born, I was pissed off about their stupid ignorance on this. Suprising enough, within 15 minutes, both my parents were done and I just read 2 pages of "Memoirs of a geisha". In previous GE, this process took hours. Alhamdullilah, I cannot stand to see my parents queueing at their ripe age today.

Next, we went to Pandan Indah - my constituency. The battle was between PAS and UMNO. And I voted for PAS. It went on smoothly and I was done in 10 minutes. One funny thought strucked my mind - do i cross or tick the ballot paper? I had that thought when i was at the ballot area. Silly me, of course la crossingthe ballot paper...ayoyo... i almost did an undi rosak (spoilt vote)...I gave away a chuckle as I knew my uncle and auntie in Penang will give undi rosak for they say they do not know the DAP guy who is standing against the incumbent MCA guy. Alamak, Chu, Pak Busu...just vote for BR... jangan buat undi rosak i pleaded to them. In the name of Allah and some prayers, I dropped my ballot papers into their respective boxes. Apparently, we had 2 seats - 1 for state and another one a parliamentary.

We drove back to Wangsa Maju for lunch at Alpha Angle. We had meals at Laksa Shack - overpriced so so food (to our standard as we are descendants of Great Cooks ;).

By 4.30pm, we were home. I was in high spirit for unknown reasons. I changed the bedsheets in every room we have in the 1st floor (my sis and her family just left this morning after 4-day stay and i am the only staying up there), mopped the floor, vacuumed, cleaned the bathrooms, scented the rooms so well they smell like 5-star hotel rooms, before getting my hands dirty (and my back aching) gardening. I moved the ever-blooming jasmine tree near to my parents window so they could smell the lingering scent whenever they open the side door and the windows to their room. My mom warned me that it is not good for women to carry heavy things for their wombs will fall. I never heed it but I know it has some truth.

All these activities made me think that I am welcoming someone to my home sweet home. I felt good though I was dead tired and my hands were so dry. I made a point to sleep early tonite. GE12 results had come out so slow. I slept after my dad told me Nurul Izzah won against Shahrizat and Samy Vellu lost to Dr Jeyakumar. I sensed that I will wake up to a new dawn.

9 Mar 2008 was a sunny day. It was beautiful. BN didnt get 2/3 parliamentary majority and lost 4 new states to BR. Kelantan remains under PAS. Alhamdullilah, prayers from people who are being betrayed have been answered by Allah.

I was overjoyed. I logged on to Malaysia-Today and shed tears reading the news of this people's victory ( I dont buy mainstream media as they undermined our intelligence). Alhamdullillah.

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