Saturday, March 15, 2008

Memoirs of A Geisha - The Book ("MOAG")

Call me cheapskate. Yes, I am as i buy second hand books and Readers' Digest at a stall in Giant's Shah Alam. The new ones are over-priced to my standard. Hmm, it reflects my life...i am scared to death about investing my precious time with people i know wont made much impact to me in a positive way. Boy, i take my first impression on people seriously and normally, it stands true.

So, i grabbed MOAG within minutes as I dont like keeping my parents waiting for me before we go back hom after a grocery shopping spree at Giant. Perhaps, i saw the movie's trailer on HBO one day, during the CNY that intrigued me to pick this book.

I read this book diligently, well the book is soooo good and enlightning now that I am attached with a Japanese Megabank and how good strategies allow you to achieve your goals...

And one startling discovery - I am like Sayuri in that book. No, my eyes arent blue grey. Somehow, i feel like i was a geisha in my past life. How i feel about being women (being ladylike doesnt mean i am weak), how i tend to fall for married men, how i feel about not getting married if i couldnt marry the one i love, how i am prepared to live outside the normal family unit. For more, i guess you need to read the book yourself and if you want to borrow mine (which is yellowishly antic), of course you can but please return it :)

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