Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love is Binding, Not Blinding

These days, most people expect too much from a marriage and the parties in it. The husbands anticipate their wives to be perfectly dollish, sweetish, goodish, stylish and youngish. The wives dream for their hubbies to be immaculate, good credit and habit, favourite (what a magnet), pilot or poet (not pirate nor puppet) and certainly not bigots. Their parents eye for a heir.

So material a marriage sounds like, it is rare to find those who fall for each other into the depth of their hearts, minds and values, which are priceless.

Love story between Timmy The Tortoise and his 'plastic toy' girlfriend, Tanya, touches my heart because he taught me that love is indeed the binding agent and not the blinding light that makes us go disarrayed.

You may think he is so damn stupid falling for a toy, which does not react to his affections. You may feel sorry for him being so desperate that he had to live with that toy to feel contented.

But, I hope you may see the fact that love is universal, undemanding and selfless. Love will only poison us when we associate love to acquiring, conquering and winning even at the expense of lying, masquerading and dilly dallying. Love will only save us when we love for the sake of love, with no Return of Investment attached.

Timmy The Tortoise is blissfully happy, being together with Tanya - her presence comforts him and makes his life more meaningful. For me, that's the best price a true love could give. When one appreciates that, one would do anything for love without being asked to do so because love is natural and magical - everyone will know how to love and be loved.

So, was this article purely my intention to romanticise, again, such simple act of true love between Timmy and Tanya, to tell the whole world how pathetic love could be seen?

Well, as usual, it is not just that. I was thinking - would Timmy's true love exemplify the sefless acts of some people who promote human welfare and social reforms? Some suffer unfairly from our bad media and bad mouth. Some lose everything to achieve so little a meaningful thing. Some live a basic life one wonders how could we burden them with such Goliath wish-list to make things right fast for the

These are the fighters that would continue to walk this road less travelled along with those people who have been marginalised - so unfortunate a crountry like this having so many people being marginalised in all aspects of life. It is for not power, position, perempuan and projects - it is all because they care. And they care because they are human enough to feel the pains that troubles other beings - "Cubit peha kiri, peha kanan terasa sakit" (Pinch your left thigh, even your right thigh feels the pain).

Love and passion are always God's blessings. Blessed are the people who could feel such beautiful emotions.

I am sure there are more than enough blessed people out there to bring back the goodness this Ibu Pertiwi direly need, to extend their humanitarian love and passion beyond their family, friends and loved ones, and to make visible changes.

One step we all could immediately embark on, amongst many others, is to extend our assistance, expertise and time to our elected Yang Berkhidmat (and if your constituency elects YBs of inconsiderate BN, please get in contact with pro-people campaigners). They need these to reach out to more people and make things better for all faster.

Let's spread the love and let love binds us together!

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Anonymous said...

The deepest yearning in humans is companionship.

Like Hanks in Castaway having a coconut as his sole companion, we yearn to be deepest with our own special someones.

Yet we are told only six persons are needed to link each of us to everyone else in the world.

This seems to say we are born to be universal.

The loving bonds within small circles provide us with identity and anchor to personalize our own short lives. But it is self-release into the tide of humanity which will emancipate us from the crutches which wax and wane our happiness, needs and meanings.

Those from one will soon be ones for others. Seen in this light, only the self seeking to erase itself in the service of others will provide the balm and final freedom from the bondage of life's trials.

The other, physical, thing about relationships is just a schooner with sails down on a moonless night at an empty harbour.

But that's because the sailors are all at the bar having a kinky time.