Wednesday, July 21, 2010

H2O - Hope 2 Obstruct Opportunists

Jeriau Waterfall, Raub

Curtain of opportunity is closing for inconsiderate BN.

It’s not the opportunity for them to make amend but chiefly about them getting as much financial benefits as could possibly thrown by the Fed(Ex) Government.

This well-accepted theorem explains why Peter Chin had to extort Selangor State Government with off-the-shelf opinions that Klang Valley consumers would experience water ration come 2014 if the PR-led state government further delays the controversial Pahang-Selangor water transfer project.

Yesterday, the much celebrated TSKI (since pro-inconsiderate BN party couldn’t get enough of slandering him, professionally and personally, ever since 2008 Tsunami) lambasted Peter Chin, who not long ago told us that we are building a Nuclear Plant soon, in TMI: -

“While the Selangor government is convinced of the project’s need, we also believe there is no need to treat this project as a priority nor in a hasty manner without regard for a holistic understanding of the water resources in Selangor, including taking into consideration the water restructuring process,” said Khalid in a statement today.

“We believe that the deputy prime minister and minister may have both been misled into believing that there will be a water shortage crisis by year 2014,” he said, adding that the cost of the Pahang-Selangor water transfer project had ballooned to RM8 billion from its original cost of RM2 billion”.

Incidently, this controversial project seems to be damned too like the Big Sister, Bakun Dam. As reported by Mkini Citizen Journalist, Akmal Ariffin, Lembah Klau FELDA Settlers [were left] unsettled.
Another out-of-proportion project is definitely not palatable to us common people. In times of surplus budget deficits, it is financially unethical for us to spend on such vast projects that have no direct, immediate benefits to us. Most of the time, Net Present Value of the projects does not promise such humanitarian Return on Investment.

It is comforting to see that Selangor State Government has supported their response to Peter Chin with convincing and feasible research materials to mitigate future water crisis.

One should overcome problems or crises with aspirations and innovations. Material is immaterial if it is not done with heart and soul.

It’s time for us to close another window of sinful opportunity for them to make money out of our misery.

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Anonymous said...

In Penang, Umno used the resettlement issues and a non-cooperative federal representation to destabilize the state government.

In Perak, Umno used money and blackmail to win over the corrupt and unseat the state government.

In Selangor, Umno is using the sand and water issues to topple the state government - even at the sufferings of the rakyat.

In Sabah and Sarawak, Umno is using taxpayers money to bribe them to vote for Barisan.

And we must be the only country in the world where torchlights are needed at polling stations to prevent extra voting papers from being inserted at the last moment - because power failures can be arranged.

Is there hope for this country?