Friday, July 30, 2010

Integrity At Its Best

~ Diego on the Bike trying to talk to a female cab driver on the road of Tehran, as men are not allowed to be in the taxi driven by these strong-willed women ~

Last week, I managed to watch "Don't Tell My Mother... Iran".

Mak thought dashing, friendly Diego Buñuel is of Arab origin, so I shared with her about him.

I also shared with Mak what one of consultants told me during one of our site visits. The said consultant, a helpful, resourceful china man (his age makes me treats him like a father figure), told us that Iran is such a resourceful nation that, thanks to the sanction imposed, they produce and build everything from scratch on their motherland. This consultant came back from his business trip enlightened and with high respect of Iranians.

If you watch that episode of "Don't Tell My Mother... Iran", you'd be more amazed and at the same time, shocked to find out the truth about Iran and its people. We tend to stereotype Iran as another Muslim Country that mistreat its women and people of different religions, backward in its democratic system, and just utter arrogant! This episode is a must-SEE, people.

And that is why some Zionis-supporting countries are not comfortable with Iran.

I slept that night crying, reminiscing the conversation Diego had with the Iranian Fisheries Guards thatr patrol their side of Caspian Sea - the biggest and the best Beluga Caviar in the world. One of the guards told Diego that in his 25 years of service, guarding the sea and the fish, he had only ate the caviar once, 10 years ago and since the caviar is so expensive, they would have to save their salary for years if they intend to buy a small contained of caviar. Diego wrapped up his amazing trip to Iran , sharing caviar with them on boat over Caspian Sea. I think Diego was touched too.

That, my friend, is what I called intergrity at its best. If only we could have that kind of people running this country...


airese said...

Diego is French of Spanish descent.

Fi-sha said...

Hello Airese

Thanks for dropping by and sharing some info on dashing Diego..