Sunday, March 21, 2010

You & I Collide...

I went back to my hometown over the weekend for my cousin's wedding reception - 'sambut menantu'.

Last weekend, they had their 'nasi beradab' with water gushing through their shoes but since the food was so good, no one left the table. Mak told me it's a sign of 'murah rezeki' for that couple.

This weekend, God is Great and we brought back rain and that confined me inside the house, looking nice in my dry-clean-only pink baju kurung. Well, not after I broke my back cooking and cleaning, getting some cuts here and there (heheheh exaggerated tak habis habis).

While having our lunch, one of my aunts told everyone at the table that someone divorced his wife after a month of marriage - because he still thinks of me.

And the night before, despite having loud karaoke session as the backdrop, somehow I had the most serene prayer and I prayed that I would be blessed with the right man, if God deems I am worth of one.

The first I wanted to do - well, I'm forever impulsive - was to call him up and ask him why he did that but I last talked to him 10 years ago.

Do you think I should talk to him or just let him live his life like that? Do you think I should feel guilty scarring his life like that just because i said "No" before? Or do you think I should make amend to what I've done wrong to him before?

Maybe I should just let nature takes its course and if "You & I Collide", it is meant to be...


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Fisha, interesting posting.
With regards to your past, it was your auntie who brought up that subject.
And from experiences, aunties can be, pardon me Kpohchis, ha ha....she might have added extra kayu api if you follow what I mean.

This my personal opinion, if I was you I will stay put, not to knock that door.
He has just broke off the relationship, and for whatever reasons known to him and her.
We don't know the real cherita.

Let him and her sort it out, maybe shake hands and come together again....give them that chance.
If you knock the door, it will be 3 people in the story....buat dia lintang pukang, ha ha.
And other lady might not appreciate it, nanti start a gang war pulak...ha ha, just kidding here.
As maybe she wants him back.

I believe if he has feelings for you as auntie mentioned....let him come to you. Not you knocking the door.
You left him once for whatever now you have to think rationally.

Remember, much water has flowed over Sungei Gombak...he will have change, you too....besides there might be a 4th party involved....
then it becomes kelam kabote, or 'Empat Sekawan,' ha ha.

That's my 35 cents worth. You stay easy....let the Bintangs, fung Shui, whatever decide your fate and Destiny.
Have a nice day and simpan satu lagu dalam hati, Lee.

nightcaller said...


Let me go straight to the point - do not call him. If he still has the hearts for you, he will call you when he muster enough courage to do so.

Calling him may send a wrong signal which may backfires later (and I mean 10 years on)...

Your biological clock is ticking, is his ticking too?.... :)

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Lee

I would take yours and auntie's 35cents at double the price, boleh tak?

After jotting my ever-impulsive mental notes and slept (like logs) over them, I decided not to do anything about it.

I wanted to scold him really hard for hurting another woman and get to sort things out and to mention my name as a reason for him to go separate ways, I am utterly pissed off. However, in doing so, I might hurt him even more and hurt her too. Above all, I just want the best for him and I am not.

Heck, I should stop thinking that I should do something about everything and everyone.

Dear Mr. Dnightcaller

Yes, it will backfire my lack-of-luster life..thanks for your advice.

As for my bio clock, I am not worried about it ticking away for motherhood has been banished from my radar 5 years ago.

Dear gentlemen,

When i first reading your comments, I was ROFLOL. Please, take it as a compliment for you two read my mind! OMG scary!

Oscar the Grouch said...

So, so, scandalous ... :-0

zewt said...

Ten years ago and he is still thinking of you? well, i dont know that man but i think it was just an excuse. call only if YOU want to call.