Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Record-breaker Heartbreaker

I met one of my good friends last night - well, we were supposed to meet for our belated birthday weeks ago but as always, I am forever...busy. So we talked and as usual (hehehhe over used phrase of mine), I laughed like a hyenna (my colleague thinks that's my 'awet muda' tip - ek?). We shared a lot of things in the sense that we normally experience the very same thing on personal front.

"Have you ever wished those questions are being asked by one we love truly and not by some lunatics, itchy to settle down with anyone that fancy them", I said to my friend's surprise. We read each other's mind!

Alas, life has never been fair to those with working hearts because we continue to break some hearts to be true to ourselves and definitely breaking ours in the process. Mine is beyond repair but I trust when T.E Kalem says that the heart is the only broken instrument that works. It isn't numb and dumb.

For breaking 2 hearts in 2 days in a row, I wonder if I am a record-breaker heartbreaker.

Beware treading this unchartered sea of mine...

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