Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little Things We Do...

They say little things we do tell who we really are as a person.

If we want to change the course of this nation of ours going, we ought to change the way we behave on roads, amongst other firsts, apart from stop wasting food at all functionsl and using and keeping our toilets clean.

I take public transport and I love walking. DBKL put thousands traffic lights all over the city and I love punching those buttons that make your cars stop so I, some aunties and uncles, some students with heavy bag, some little kids could cross the road safely. Yes, safely because we have alerted you drivers," Excuse me sirs, madams, in big, flashy cars, we are about to cross to the other side of the road. May we?"

But you drivers refused to do so. So, I would make my point and walk slowly like 'itik pulang petang' but you drivers don't really care because you insisted that I make way for your car so you could reach home 2 minutes earlier. At times, I put my life at risks, some times at the verge of death really, standing in the middle of this 5-6 metre-wide road, looking at you sinisterly. Still, you refused to budge.

If you saw a 'girl in pumps' standing in the middle of the road holding a paper that says,"Where did you get your license to kill", that's me and I beg you drivers to behave yourselves.

If you could lose your judgment and senses over getting home early by a couple of minutes, if you feel that you're the only one that matters, if you think you deserve all the rights to do what you want to do, my God, I don't know how long this nation have to suffer more due to your erratic behaviour on the roads!

Glee says "Don't stop believing" and I say "Stop right now!" before it's too late...

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