Thursday, August 20, 2009

Skimpy Deep Beauty

I have these mixed feelings after reading this piece of new I found in TheStarOnline.

Do you think good-looking people stand better chances to win people's heart? Is it true that handsome men make good husbands and leaders? Could we translate beauty to how well people perform?

A few weeks earlier, our new top man paid his maiden visit to all floors in our office. My colleagues commented that his (good) looks make them feel proud to call him our CEO. Wow! I never thought good looks could have such a great impression on how well you would perform as the Top Gun. I thought we should be looking at his body language and how he 'walks his talks' - a reflection of his management style. I believe great leader is judged from how he treats his people - all of them, regardless of of their positions in the organisation. So far, his serious (pleasant) looks, his attempts at 'open-door policy' and his interesting views on several matters tell me he could bring back our organisation to its glory days - of course, with our assistance and feedback along the way.

"No one can lie, no one can hide anything, when he looks directly into someone's eyes" ~ paulo Coelho

Today, TheStarOnline reported that some women think BN's 'tainted' candidate in Permatang Pasir By-Election is the best looking candidate so far - 'boleh jadi pelakon'.

Wow! This piece of news looks more like a collateral damage control to this 'pelakon' as he told the press on Wednesday that 'it is hard for him to always wear the broad smile' and that he 'apologies to the voters if they perceived him as arrogant'. Duhhhhhh!

"Don't go for look, it can be quite deceiving. Dont' go for wealth, even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because only a smile makes a dark day seems bright"

Tell me people - have you ever heard of people complaining about smiling before, even if you don't know these benefits of smiling? Well, one would make such fuss if one does not have any interest in smiling to others in the first place. In his case, you should know why he's under a lot of stress since the by-election's nomination day on Monday, which made Ku Li wonders if 'he is the best we (UMNO people) can (make) do'.

Tell me people - do we need this kind of 'pelakon' to be our kind of ADUN?

"To be persuasive, we must be believable. To be believable, we must be credible. To be credible, we must be truthful" ~ Edward R. Murrow

Please, voters of Permatang Pasir, even if they continue to say that you would be their 'Anak Emas' if you delivered them the victory next week, do you think an ADUN who makes fuss about smiling, who is not capable of telling the truth, would speak for you and thus, deliver the goodies you deserve all these while, no matter if BN or PR won this by-election?

The most unfortunate man is the one that betrays himself. So, please, we wouldn't wish to see you being cruel to yourself and your future generations.

'Adil itu meletakkan sesuatu pada tempatnya'. So, please be 'adil' to yourself and your future generations.

p.s. Oh, i almost threw up my dinner when one lady minister commented on TV that she was shocked to see how 'mundur' Permatang pasir is - Oh Am Jee (Hi Art, can i use this here? :). Heck, this makcik is really out of touch or 'pura-pura tak tahu' about double standard treatment to opposition by the you-know-what.

p.s.s. Shish! Now i know why a brand new, filthy-rich opposition leader in one PR-led state would go that far (botox and all) to remain 'appealing' to his voters.

p.s.s.s. I know I am a difficult person. I would be so disgusted if one makes such remark that i am capable of getting things done because of how people perceive me - physically, instead of my capabilities - or if the level of treatment to another person - strangers or no - is based on how good-looking you are. Gosh! What a HUGE turn-off for me!


dochisyam said...

Another quote that I'm going to put in my office!

Ps: By the 'looks' of it,Looks like I wont be contesting in any by-election anytime soon...:)

The Corporate Athlete said...

let's hope for the glory days to come soon enough before some other strangers come in and hijack our place again .... I had enough of surprises for past 3 years. Let's stop this insanity!!