Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sia-sia Merdeka Ini

Sia-sia hilang nyawa

Atuk moyang kita - Pejuang bangsa

Separuh abad merdeka

Anak bangsa semakin sengsara

Sia-sia mereka bertikam lidah, berhujah

Untuk bawa pulang khabar merdeka

Di kala usia mencecah 52

Akal haiwan nafsu syaitan kini bermaharajalela

Sia-sia hidup kita

Disogok mimpi dusta, disorong bantal nista

Kita lalai akan tanggungjawab

Kita lupa akan kemanusiaan

Kita mamai dengan kebendaan

Kita hina akan kebenaran

Malaysia - sia-sia merdeka ini

p.s. Thank you to Ella-Mae from The Dandelions for sharing this moving clip. Instead of blaming others, i point the finger at myself. Where was i all these while that i allow this beautiful country of us turned into such Police State? Was i trapped in the state of ignorance, stupidity and cowardice act? Weren't my ancestors the brave men and women who fought for Her indepedence - they lost almost everything but their dignity? Why am i like this?

p.s.s. Someone told me that i write like an angry young (seriously i am not) woman. Well, now you know why i am this angry, after watching that clip. I don't ask for the 'stars', the 'moon' and the 'sun'. All i asked for is compassion to all. To be just is to be humane enough. That's all...


joshua wong said...


A good clip to show how divided we'd become.

It takes passion, courage and compassion to write like an angry person. Keep at it as i have no problem with it at all :)

Fi-sha said...

Dear Joshua,

Thank you for your inspiring words :)

I know i get angry for things i care for...