Saturday, August 1, 2009

Let's End The Oppression of Animals

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" ~ Mahatma Gandhi

My Ibu Pertiwi is way, way out of Road to Greatness.

Earlier this year, my company held its Family Day at Zoo Negara. I didn't go - I wouldn't want to support this as we have been making record breaking net profit last year and I, like many, thought we deserved better 'party' and I know how bad animals in Zoo Negara are being treated. How could I be jumping up in joy when these animals are not?

I read from "Remembering Sheena" this morning about "Singapore-based Acres Complains About Poor Condition Of Animals At Zoo Negara " here. I was heartbroken.

"The female elephant was observed begging for food," said Acres executive director Louis Ng".

"Ng said the abnormal behaviour, including stereotypic behaviour, of the animals at the zoo was of great concern.This indicated that the wellbeing of the animals was being compromised by their living conditions and/or husbandry. Most stereotypic behaviour occurs when animals fail to cope with or remove themselves from stressful situations".

"They should also phase out keeping wide-ranging species such as elephants and polar bears on welfare grounds".

"Rather than spending large amounts on building new exhibits and bringing in new species, Zoo Negara should instead improve existing animal enclosures by providing environmental enrichment".

"Zoo Negara should explain the cause of death of the 18 penguins out of 20 sourced from Singapore, the death of species like the pygmy hippopotamuses, cheetahs from Africa and Bawean deer from Indonesia. The zoo had nine of this endangered deer and four died".

"He ("SAM President) said a true appreciation of wildlife cannot be achieved by looking at bored, frustrated animals in cages. In these modern times, the Internet and television is where people learn about animals in their natural habitats".

In June, my dear Bro PT (as in "Personal Trainer") CA (which stands for "Corporate Athlete") wrote about his trip to the well-managed Taiping Zoo here. His cheery writing, nonetheless, ended with this "During the Xterra weekend, we also had the chance to visit the mini zoo of kuantan. The keeper, the Kuantan Town Council, is keeping the zoo ‘adead’ (as opposed to alive). We really feel bad of supporting this kind of establishment as some of the animals (especially the active ones) are kept in really small steel cages, with concrete floorings. Remember, when the visit stops, the sufferings will too!!"

It happens everywhere and there are many more animals out there are in dire needs of our urgent attentions. It is just too ... I am really lost of words to express my emotions now... Not only these animals are being killed in the name of economic developments, these innocent creations of God too are being 'killed' silently in the Zoos - a safe place we thought they could call home.

Dr. Hsu
also highlighted this week that "Zoo Negara is just another sad story". While reading his post, you must also read the comments especially from Mr. KLM, a highly knowledgeable gentleman, on what good it makes to some people (you know who) if Zoo Negara is declared a failure. One commentator perfectly summed this up - "Zoo Negara or Zoo Neraka?"

This is just too much to take - in this Ibu Pertiwi, famous for its friendly, warm and kind people, rich in flora and fauna that attracts people from all over the world to marvel - even animals are being treated unfairly. When do you think this nightmare for the helpless animals would end? Let's show some compassion, though some people think compassion is a sign of weakness.

"Man, when perfected, is the best of animals, but when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all" ~ Aristotle

While writing this from the comfort of my home sweet home, my eyes were glued to Mr. Anil Netto's live coverage and i couldn't stop the tears that keep on falling. While some 'buta hati' commentators kept on saying that GMI and Anti-ISA supporters are being used by Pakatan Rakyat for their political gain, I salute our brothers and sisters, who managed to be at the Epicentre of this cause, who braved the physical torments (by you know who), to show their support for Kak Laila and many more women with their families that have been adversely affected by detention of their beloved husbands in Kamunting.

Some ridiculed that these peaceful demonstrators were acting like mobs, I wonder if they looked at the right people on their TV screen. Let me tell you that it is a 'silent deterrant' tactic used by most countries in this world to plant 'provocateurs' amongst the demonstrators. But here in our Ibu Pertiwi, we know so well that the ones who are entrusted with responsibility to uphold justice and ensure peace are the ones that turned into 'provocateurs'.

Let me quote from Wikipedia "The First Amendment of USA Constitution (which) specifically allows peaceful demonstrations and the freedom of assembly as part of a measure to facilitate the redress of such grievances".

GMI peaceful demonstration today is all about voicing our grievances on this irrelevant, draconian law. Why would ones, grieving for their loved ones, acted wild? No sane people would grieve violently - we sane people do it with full respect, humbly in state of mourning (unless you are truly perfect case of 'talam dua muka').

It is a sad day - truly. Both animals and men are being treated unfairly, almost cruelly. Nevertheless, let's not give up for their cause for the prayers of those being oppressed shall be answered.

Let's say NO to OPPRESSION.

"If we treated everyone we meet with the same affection we bestow upon our favourite cat, they too, would purr" - Martin Delany


Rivers of Babylon said...

You're saving the living, I'm with you.

Fi-sha said...

Thanks Fair! We wouldn't want to be Living Dead, would we?

Wishing you a pleasant weekenf with your beloved family!