Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Uncle Pete

I was restless in the office, almost close to tears. My heart was beating so fast and my palms felt all sweaty. They were all because of what happened to Uncle Raja Petra Kamaruddin. I wonder how is he doing at this very moment. And I could not imagine how his beloved family feels like facing this adversity of being helpless when your pillar of strength, your beacon of love and care was put behind bars for a trumped-up charges of baseless sedition.

The Star was kind enough linking "Sedition Act 1948" to their reporting on Uncle Pete. Wei... 1948... is this act still relevant? Even the definition of seditious in the act seems very subjective and open to abuse. That article - Let's send Altantuya's murderers to hell (http://www.malaysia-today.net/2008/content/view/6604/84/) - is not fictitious but factual basing on legally binding Affidavit of ARB. I guess those people 'who eat the chillies' are seating on hot seats and perhaps, after reading Uncle Pete's response to 'an unidentified species' (I dont regard them as humans or animals) press statement, they got their stupid acts together to 'silent' Uncle Pete and others. They are wrong (yet again, they always do wrong, it's in their blood) for they will pay not only for their future but also for their many generations to come.

Malaysia Today followers managed to raise more than RM5K to help bail Uncle Pete till the hearing scheduled in Oct '08. Uncle Pete, always a fighter with ever-crystal clear conscience, denied himself a bail for a reason he knows best. They treated him like a dangerous criminal - handcuffed and escorted left and right. He will be spending time in Sg Buloh Prison. I will miss his "No Holds Barred" and "Corridor of Power". Malaysia Today will be so different...

Prayers of my fellow Malaysian brother and sisters are with Uncle Pete and his Family and not forgetting En Syed Akbar Ali, to give them strength, courage and hope. Let's not despair in the light of such injustice. Let's work together to 'cleanse' our judiciary system and police force. Rise and Shine Malaysians! Stop all this nonsense we have suffered. For once, let's be brave to fight for truth and justice - not only for us but for all of us, Malaysians and our friends who come from far to earn decent wages to feed many mouths back in their homeland.

Uncle Pete and Aunt Marina, doa orang orang yang teraniaya makbul. Amin 44x...

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