Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Antara Api dan Air

These few weeks i have been reading about RE. It is so interesting. Who says we need to depend so much on fuel, gas and coal for our energy consumption? Malaysia has a lot of waterfalls, rivers for hydro energy. Our country is located along the Equator Line so solar energy is abundant. I wonder whether TNB ever think outside the box to R&D alternative source of energy. Imagine if we could get all those skyscrapers in KL and those factories turn into mega-photovoltaic plant, we household consumer could pay TNB less for electricity.

Selangor State Government has announced its intention to take over the water concession companies in the state as to lessen the burden of its people. Alhamdullillah. It is the first step to stop these companies to rob us, the people, in the broad daylight. Imagine... we pay handsome sum of water bills to SYABAS and all we got is a yellowish water. Is that fair? Could i bring this matter to the Consumer Tribunal premised on SYABAS' unsatisfactory services rendered? Wei, how come water costs so much in Malaysia when our country is blessed with plenty of rainfalls and huge water-catchment areas?

I personally think that all malaysian utilities companies are inefficient. We pay more for their inefficiencies to manage their assets and liabilities. Streetlights at my area are switched on and off at 6.30pm and 7.30pm. How inappropriate. Sometimes, they were left on till the mid afternoon. Gosh, there goes my assestment to Majlis Daerah Kuala Selangor - paying TNB's inefficiencies while a long stretch of road from Puncak Alam to Shah Alam is left in the bleak darkness because the housing areas are yet to complete and thus, there is no one to pay for the streetlights. Ish! Merapik sungguh!

I got my first Indah Water last month and i don't intend to pay. I need to study about those pipes and sewerage system in my area and I need to find out where it leads to and how come all these while, Indah Water never came into picture? I can still see the river near my area is still as murky as ever before. Nothing is free in this world and especially for Indah Water, which i doubt so much. Imagine collecting RM48 semi-annual from every house without doing anything. That is a lot of money collected you know...

I hope Selangor State Government will find a sound financial model to adopt in taking over the water concession companies. I hope the state government could get a good rating, so the capital costs will be lower, especially now that their transparent corporate governance. Insya Allah. Pedulikan apa Shaziman nak cakap. Taktik kotor BN asyik nak takutkan rakyat.

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