Friday, May 9, 2008


Uncle Pete is released on bail today. Alhamdullilah. I couldn't help myself but shed tears at my cubicle especially after reading his article "Thank you so much and sorry for letting you down" (

I thank Allah for giving him strength and courage to go through the ordeal in Sungai Buloh Prison. I am so grateful that Allah has opened the inner eyes of many people in the prison - from both side of the law - that they have helped in a way or two 'guiding' Uncle Pete in such place, controlled by corrupted forces. The prayers from all of us have been answered by God.

As usual, I love conspiracy theories. And I know Uncle Pete wont' be safe in there. If they could do so many things to DSAI, they could do the same to Uncle Pete. Then again, I thought Uncle Pete decided to be remanded in that prison so that he could 'negotiate' those 3 'unidentified species' to tell the truth on what happened to the late Altantuya (may her soul rest in peace). After reading his article, it was on different note altogether.

Allah knows best. Uncle Pete's ordeal unites us (those who read comments in Malaysia Today will notice how 'brutal' and 'critical' some people could be to Uncle Pete) and we now know what we need to do to bring down the corrupted power in the name of justice for all. Adil itu meletak sesuatu pada tempatnya...

I know Uncle Pete is resilient enough because of the presence of Aunt Marina. A man can do anything if he has the support and love of someone that loves him unconditionally - in a positive light. A great woman makes a great man. A great mother raised a great man like Uncle Pete. A wife makes a great man a great father to great children.

Uncle Pete, please have a good rest. Aunt Marina, this coming Mother's Day will be a memorable one as you have someone that makes you a great mother - in your loving embrace.


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