Friday, May 30, 2008

My Kereta(pi)

I read with so much interest an an opinion by Ms Maizura of Sg. Buloh in The Star today - "Ideas for KTM to consider" and I have to put it here - verbatim - for easy reference by all. Why i loved this? Gosh, at last there is someone out there sharing the same ideas like me and i wonder why KTMB never thought of this simple ways to address their oevrhaul problems and above all, their inefficiencies. Singapore MRT was fined by the Land & Transport Authority for SGD400K due to causing unnecessary problems to its commuters following track problems between Simei and Tanah Merah (1. the team did not plan well causing delay in problem rectification, 2. there were not enough buses to transfer the stranded commuters to the nearest MRT stations).

Come, let's read this: -

"Ideas for KTM to consider"

I read with much interest about problems faced by KTM commuters. I too am a frustrated regular user. For temporary measures, I would suggest some recommendations for quick improvement: -

1. In order for more people to be able to get on a train, KTM should consider to remove more seats especially the old model with two small doors at the end of every coach. I seriously think this is the first step they should do. While waiting for the overhaul budget, they should do this simple thing first. Do use this old model during peak hours because this will cause further delay. Use them during non-peak hours only. (Some malaysians are slow coach and so selfish. They wouldnt move towards the centre of the train, preventing others to alight. Dah la tu...the doors are too small, allowing for one-way, wasting so much precious time. This could also lead to their delayed services).

2. During non-peak hours, after all passengers reach office and before they go out from office (maybe from 10 am to 5 pm), the train interval can be reduced let's say every 30 minutes (but make sure enough announcement about this is made throughout the day and on notice boards). Save some trains later on to cater for commuters who go back from work during peak hours (between 5 pm to 7 pm). (At least, the trains should come every 5 mins.)

3. Reschedule intercity trains (antarabandar) so as not to interrupt Komuter during peak hours. For example, morning trains from Rawang to Seremban often experiences delay because of intercity train that arrives between 7 am to 7.30 am. (I wonder why cant KTMB get their services work like clock? These intercity services too often left me and many others stranded and late for work. So gomen... so malaysian...tak kisah, tak apa... ish...).

4. Make enough announcements to commuters during school holidays or public holiday in only either KL or Selangor to avoid using trains during peak hours. Pity children and babies who don’t feel comfortable and often squeezed by passengers when train is packed. (I even thought they should come up with all-men, all-women, mixed carriages because being squeezed next to a stranger is a nightmare).

5. Expected delay of the following train should be announced before arrival of a train so that people who choose to wait for the following train do not feel regret and frustrated coz of the delay and for not getting on the train before the delayed train. My god! I always experience this. (This announcement thing is a total crap. The announcer sounds like he is mumbling to himself).

6. More fans and seats at the platforms i.e. KL Sentral station and other packed ones. Use seats removed from the trains if budget it again the issue. We already have to stand long at the platform and have to stand again on the train. (This lady is so resourceful..I wonder where she works. Her employer/partner must be so lucky).

7. Upgrading of stations is not so critical and can be put on hold if this can save KTM's money and be used to buy more trains or for train overhaul. (You can tell that KTMB is having all these problems since they started upgrading their stations etc. Not that they are not important but as a businessman, KTMB should think how to improve their train services that generate incomes).

Actually there are many simple things KTM should consider doing. I know that request for budget will take a long time in a government or government-linked agencies so please look into these easier things first. KTM should really take the issues raised by the media and public seriously and show improvement.

So, KTMB, buck up please. Dont keept telling us your problems. Instead, solve it. (Gosh, tak larat la dgn BN-ism culture..takde duit, tak jalan). It is not rocket science. And one more thing, get your people on the ground la. Just like your house, you cannot neglect its maintenance works or else you will encounter many problems, which are beyond your controls.
However, my excitement was cut short after reading that RapidKL is to study effects of removing subsidies after the government announced that it would no longer enjoy the subsidies, thus prompting it to increase its fares. This current gomen is proven in its deep slumber, insensitive that those that use public transports are mainly from middle to low income groups. Even at today's rate, i can say it is damn expensive. To some people, the whole idea of going to work in KL defeats the purpose of going to work in the first place because you are working to pay for your transportation costs. It is so disheartening.
YB Ong Tee Keat, i thought you are different and smart enough compared to other BN MPs. When the gomen can bail out ghost-town PKFZ at the tune of RM4.6 B, i am sure the gomen can give more subsidies to our public transport operators. All buses should get to buy subsidised fuels as they help to cut down traffic congestion and are more environmental-friendly.
Anyway, it is difficult to make this gomen understand. In fact, some of you guys too because you never have to use the public transport. Do i sound like I am jealous?

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K-E said...

We always can give ideas to KTM but the question is, are they goin take the ideas seriously?

What is it with KTM anyway?

The worst part is, they have the word "Melayu" in Keretapi Tanah Melayu.The non-malay always used this a really-cynical-racist joke to us.

Anyway, thanx to KTM for making us,the Malay as a laughable stock.(apart from UMNO)

That Bloody Malaysian!!