Friday, May 9, 2008

Stop NS

They say you will only know how much you could love someone when you have your own child.

I could never imagine how these parents feel seeing their child being sent home in a coffin after spending time in NS camp. To make things worse, the camp management has the guts (ada perut tapi takde hati) to say that they never thought the illness was serious. Plus, the doctors at the hospital told these heartless NS people that this so and so can be discharged as it was not serious and hours later, these kids died.

One NS official even suprised that one girl died after shooting session because the shooting did not cause any harm. My mom, being a wife to an army personnel, told me how painful her chest was after she tried shooting at the lapang sasar during a family day. I bet the impact was so hard it could have affect that poor girl's heart. Wei..mana dia post-mortem result? Make it public la! Such cowardice act!

Imagine if the dead NS trainee was a son or a daugther of our minister, MP and VIP, I bet they will stop this useless program STAT. Then again, these people are so rich they send their kids overseas or with enough muscle in certain ministries, their kids managed to skip NS without being summoned. So, how many more lives to be taken before NS put to a good end?

I personally think NS is one of many ways for a ministry to give free money to ungrateful, selfish people. Tell me one good thing about NS and let me tell you 10 bad things about it. When can we stop this practise of money-making through suffering of others? These young people are our nation's future, not the government's guinea pigs or just part of the statistics.

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