Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Weepy Wednesday

As I blogged earlier, I make a point to watch "Bersamamu" on TV3 on Wednesday.

And today, I realised another TV Series make me weeps like a little girl losing her pet cat - "En Bloc" on Mediacorp's Channel 5. It has Mr. Patrick Teoh, our own Malaysian actor (happened that he was also the guest actor on NTV7's "Actorlympic" tonight!) acting as the father, who is at the cross road about selling his home sweet home under the En Bloc sale. Tonight's episode touches me to the bone as he talked about the purpose of having a common corridor in the old residential area is to bring alive 'kampung' spirit so that people could mingle along - just like in a kampung. My mother always says that a home has its own soul, reflects the aura of people who lives in it. It is always hard to make first few steps of selling a home sweet home. I can put myself in Mr. Lim Beng Teck's shoes - I am selling mine too so that my parents could be nearer to my other siblings and their grandshildren. I, myself, feels deep inside that I may not live with them for long - whatever that means.

After watching that TV series, I wept thinking of someone - I could see him wearing his white tshirt underneath his office shirt because it is so cold nowadays and he isn't in the pink state of health (just like me). I wish he will get better soon, feel warm enough so it would be comfortable for him to do his important works. I wish him well and i wish he could feel how i feel for him now. I suprised myself for crying for a stranger.

Next, came "Bersamamu". What touched me to the centre of my soul is to see how a mother's love could make all things possible. She scavenged through rubbish late at night with her 2 kids, trying to find boxes, cans, tins, bottles etc for her to earn RM30 for a 2-night hardworks, so she could put food on the table for her kids. I am so thankful that her kids understand and do something about it. They helped her and realised they need to study hard to change their life. I am sure they want to get a good life, not just for themselves, but foremost, for their parents. Her daughter prays for God to forgive her parents, amongst others. I was shocked. I think the mother must have told her that they are living this hard life because of their sins. May Allah opens the doors for them - of forgiveness, of blessed wealth and intelligence, of grateful love and happiness and of course, of strength to go through each day.

2 nights ago, i was switching channels when i landed on Mediacorp's Suria Channel malay drama series. The plot shows a teen confiding to his grandmother (happened to be Allahyarhamah Yusni Jaafar - May Allah bless her soul) of reasons why he returned to his hometown. He had arguments with his elder brother and he now wanted to start his new life in the kampung. What the grandmother said to him amazed me to how true it is. Here goes: -

You can always choose your friends and neighbours but you cannot choose your parents and your siblings as they are gifts from God. You have to look at them more to appreciate them and love them. How could you neglect the Gifts from God?

I am still crying...

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