Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Of Doctors and Ministers of no Attitude

I believe strongly that someone who wants to be a doctor and a minister should sit for a attitude test. These professions require ones with mountain heaps of compassion, lightning speed of analytical thinking and the ability to speak the right words at the right time to the right people. These people have the lives of many people in their hands.

A minister responded during a press conference that he would cancel permit to Konsortium Bas Ekpress Semenanjung as there have been 3 accidents involving the company's buses. The latest accident caused a life of one army personnel perished and the bus driver was reported to have obtain his licence 2 months before the accident and he was speeding when the accident happened in the early morning on its way from JB to KL. I take the service of this company so often since i am working in The Little Red Dot since the seat is so comfy, plying the route frequently and is the most reliable in terms of departure time. I could not imagine if the permit was cancelled. What would happened to hundreds of people working for this renowned service provider? They would be jobless and what would happen to their families who depend on them for their livelihood? Cancelling a permit does not solve the problem. Find the root cause. I would reprimand the JPJ personnel who granted the licence to the said driver. I would fine the bosses of the company for employing such ruthless young driver and for not paying enough for his service that he had to speed to reach KL so that he could get enough sleep before driving down back to JB early in the morning.

Another minister decided not to extend the permit for one Tamil daily for breach of guidelines and the minister did not inform what are the breaches. 100 people are jobless now.

A stroke of a pen could turn these people's life upside down. How could these ministers be so heartless? The first minister said that he used to be a 'teksi sapu' driver. Has he lost touch with the reality of how hard his life was back then that he could not think how his decision could affect detrimentally and unfairly so many lives? The second minster was born in rich family. So, he wont know but then, he never make any attempts to understand what life is like for people across the other side and yet he's an elected MP? Those people who allowed him to win the election are answerable.

I know many people out there have the "tak apa' attitude - If it doesnt affect me, why bother. I cant be like that. I know how hard life is even for a grad like me. What about a bus driver and a clerk? It is even harder for them. I do not wish to start lamenting about doctors. I have a friend doctor and i know a few people who are 'killed' by wrong prescriptions and not being treated on time.

When are we going to have the right people to be our doctors and ministers?

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