Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Escape to Huang Shi

I watched that movie tonight with a friend from work. Gosh, I missed my "En Bloc" and "Bersamamu" but I cried still.

It was a movie about a British Reporter, George A. Hogg, who went to Nanjing to scoop war news when reporters were not allowed by the Japanese soldiers. After almost losing his life and lost his 2 friends in front of his eyes (shot dead in their heads), he was suggested by a Chinese Bomb Expert (played by Chow Yun Fatt) to head for Huang Shi where he will be able to learn some Chinese words and recuperating from wounds. There, he found 60-odd boys, who had lost their family members to the war between China and Japan.

What I like about this movie is that George taught these boys that we shouldn't inflict what we had gone thru to others. Instead of hatred, he sow seeds of love. I learn from him that though you do not have your own child, you could always be a father or a mother to any child if we put our heart into no matter how difficult things could be. Isnt it wonderful if all teachers have this attitude?

Sometimes, people become so individualistic even after they become parents. They guard their offsprings like some precious metal but they dont bother about other kids. In their pursuit to protect their offsprings and make them smart people, they instill many bad influences on their offsprings and hurt feelings of others along the way.

I may not have my own child but I feel as much as a mother would feel for her child.

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