Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Counting Days...

I got back from a week-long leave when En AH called me into his office. He asked me if I am interested to undergo one-year attachment program with one of Japanese's megabanks. I have been waiting for this opportunity as I wanted to get away from the office. There were things in the office which irks me professionally. Despite his attempts to 'scare' me that I will need to submit reports during my program there etc., I couldn't stop smiling and I didn't care if by stating my interest in the program, I could deny this opportunity to a colleague, who used to be close to me.

Weeks before that, I received emails from my ex-colleague ( for the record, H was the first person that guided me through my first few weeks in the company), who a year before that was sent to The Little Red Dot for the same program. He told me that he had nominated me and my colleague to HR to pursue the same program for the next one year. I thanked him profusely because I knew I will be the chosen one (for the record, as the company is trying its best to cut costs, it is better to send a single staff, which despise me a lot as though I was selected because of my singlehood, not my competency).

Two weeks later, I was verbally informed that I was the chosen one and I was so over the moon. But with that great news, people around me in the office stayed away from me, even the one closest to me. I was sad. Rumour has it that I got it because of my close relationship with the big boss, En MN. They say I am his blue-eyed girl. For the record, En MN is my 3rd Mentor in my professional life. Trained as an engineer and having worked with Shell before joining the company, his standard on works is high and to many, it is annoying. He gave me hard times and pushed me to the limit but he is the one that showed me i am capable of achieving great things. I could talk to him like I am his daughter (he has 2 sons), his devil advocate and his confidante about his life aspirations. Gosh, I miss him.

My last weeks in KL, i was like a stranger to almost everyone. They are good at making people feel bad. Thank God the makan-makan was held when I was so busy and En MN managed to 'tone down' about my departure during his speech, as you know, nobody wanted to hear that.

Now, I have been here for close to 9.5 months and I am feeling sad to leave. Things are getting better in the office. I could help CT, ZW and YH and they know I can do my works fast and 'neat'. I am learning about Renewable Energy.

I look forward to go to work because I know there is someone that inspires me to work hard, come to work on time (for the record, his name is SY).

My landlord told me that he prayed the company will extend the program for at least another year and he doesn't have to find another new tenant (for the record, he will reduce the rent by SGD50).

I have friends who confessed in me for what is in deepest ridges of their hearts. I learn to accept them for all the positive sides they have. I learn I don't have to agree to everything. I learn to strive for something or someone I cherish. I learn to love my family wholeheartedly. I learn to love myself.

Two months to go and I suddenly realised I have so many things yet to accomplish.

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