Friday, November 6, 2009

Conscientious Model to Our Children

It’s 6.20 am and 3 school children got on the bus, with heavy, big bags behind their stick-thin bodies. I bet if I nudged them gently, they would all fall down – flat and perhaps break a bone or two. Despite these, they have this broad smile on their cute, ‘tepung-gomak’ faces. Boy, I haven’t seen children being so happy and eager to go to school this early on their own. I tried to give up my seat but they declined (mana la cukup satu untuk tiga orang), so I told them I could hold their bags – just for a while. One offered his and that made my day! I met them for only a few times as I opted to take earlier trip to save myself from ever-increasing maddening traffic in Klang Valley. I hope they are all doing fine, always.

It’s a shame if they found out that the world out there is so cruel, it is difficult to remain positive. If they grow up, I wish they could still have that child-mindedness, where you look at the world as an experiment lab and no one should stop you from having a good time.

It’s 6.15 am and one boy climbed on this rickety old bus. Five minutes later, he had troubled to ring the bell so he could get down to his school. Yes, he’s short. He looked around if anyone, who is tall enough, could sense his plight. No one did though they saw his silent plea. I got up and pressed for him. I wonder if it is so difficult for one to offer a little help nowadays that only physical and monetary rewards are the only catalyst to doing deeds.

That’s why I am so scared of having my own child. I don’t have any connections with people that walk the corridor of power when these days, you need to mention their names to be treated fairly and expeditiously. It would be unfair for him to be denied of basic rights being a citizen of this nation because of me. If I could provide him with the best, what will he be thinking seeing some of his classmates are not like him - their uniforms are tattered, their shoes have many holes, they are never seen near the canteen and they don’t have all the books when the teacher asked them to do the exercise. Some may skip school, some may, one day, stop going to school. I would have to answer to too many questions, which eventually will boil down to one – corrupted system by corrupted people. Yes, call me a coward, insecured soul.

No child should be denied a proper education. No child should be left starving. No child should be seen wandering, looking for jobs. No child should shed tears because he sees that his world is ending as he feels he is the burden to his family.

Every child should have a happy childhood because this is the period where they write their ‘life script’. This is the time that they should learn that doing good to others is a responsibility. Sharing is a blessing. Learning is fun. Differences are for them to embrace. Life is good – for them. It should – if only we could give them one.

So, where do I go from here? You need read this, an extract from The Learned N.H. Chan’s speech at one public forum months, commemorating 40th anniversary of May 13, as appeared here: -

Remember what little Maria told me when I asked her how she bows what is right or wrong, and she replied, “To know what is right or wrong is in a person’s upbringing.” I wrote in the preface of the second edition of my book this passage:

Lord Denning inherited his compassion for those who have been unfairly and unjustly treated. He was a draper’s son with a passion for justice: a desire to do right. All those other ordinary folk who come from decent and law abiding homes would have well brought up children who could likely be the ones with integrity.

People are generally law abiding. The family background of the person is important. For instance, the son of a robber, burglar or smuggler would likely be dishonest. Beware also of the children of conmen, forgers, thieves and others of their kind and ilk. The son of a public servant who has been living beyond his means, would more likely be on the fiddle.

What I am trying to say is this, the upbringing of a person is very important if we looking for a person with integrity. A man’s character is shaped by his upbringing: he is raised to know between right and wrong behaviour”.

Well, it goes back to the parents, yes you out there. Will you be a conscientious model to our children?

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