Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Waa Kill Rakyat, Dude!

p.s. Maltesers are my favourite choc
but nothing can beat this Mal-Teasers in the run-up to BG buy-bye-by election!

Physiologically, I am dead tired.

Heck, not that I am complaining – I love keeping myself busy. Alas, I am still mortal (dang, I wish I’m one of those Mortal Kombats – urat dawai, tulang besi) – this sebulan raya really tires me. I walked into the office on Monday morning, wishing I could fall down and sleep away – Sleeping Beauty style.

Hello! This is Boleh-land, where ‘jokes’ are spewed every minute by you-know-who. Mana Boleh Tidur when you have ‘great comedians’ on the ‘shows’ (but I know you’d say “Boleh” with a cheesy, Cheshire Cat grin on your face).

First sketch, one ex-MB told one MB that he is better at running a state.

Gosh, that’s the mother of all jokes because after 22 years being the MB, Seremban remains, as one filthy, poorly planned and developed Ibu Negeri (even my kampung Kota Tinggi can beat it anytime, ceh!), “Takde air” is an acceptable norm in NS (Please la voters of Bagan Pinang, say “NO to Takde Air” ok?), PD is such a lousy, dirty tourist spot (now, you want to turn it into Army Town – wowieee perfect example of “manis mulut”) and did you realise that of many ‘projek rumah terbengkalai’ appeared on TV3, majority happens to be in NS?

Gee, of all the fed-gomen flowing into this Negeri Adat Pepatih, could you please list down any viable economic activities being carried out, apart from Nilai3 and those jual kain-thingy spots (shish, buat habis duit je).

I was told, by one colleague who normally would side UM(ph)NO(more), that she is very shocked that the ex-MB was selected as the candy-date. Apart from all the ‘mishaps’ I mentioned above, his short stint as Minister of WP brought some ‘Gajah Putih’ projects, notably Plaza Rakyat in Pudu Raya. What about the ‘new, distorted image’ of Petaling Street and Masjid India?

I almost fell off my chair reading this one little of this article that appears on MI: -

“It is not that hard to be a wakil rakyat, I have been doing this for 30 years. I have not been a wakil rakyat only since March 2008”.

Of course la not that bloody hard (ops, me and my unlicensed mouth) to be one “Wakil Rakyat” when “Wa Kill Rakyat” (“Wa” as in “Gua”/”Me”) with the kind of projects that promote “One(1)Malaysia(Wa Punya) – Rakyat (Jangan) Didahulukan, Pencapaian (Wa Mesti) Diutamakan”.

What’s difficult about being “Wakil Rakyat” is when you have to be “Yang Berkhidmat (Untuk Rakyat)”. Get it, mister?

Oh, before I forgot, Mr. Wenger J Khairy says “Choose ISA because he did not cost RM21 Billion”. Theoretically, the great analyst is right but in reality, by choosing the ex-MB, our country would lose much more than that for ‘recognising one tainted leader as a credible ‘CEO’ to helm and manage the state’s coffer'.

Mr. Anil Netto reported on 18 September that our outward FDI for 2008 soared to USD14.1 Billion from USD11.9 Billion (circa RM49 Billion) in the previous year.With the 'tainted' candy-date running for the buy-bye-by-election, let's pray hard our outflow won't be 'phenomenal'.

In addition, we have yet to take into consideration on loss of future capital and spending power resulting from Brain Drain, which has also ‘infected’ middle class, urban Malays that are typically labelled as the evidence of successful NEP.

After ‘laughing like a hyena’, I turned sober and recalled this quote from Dr. Shad Saleem Faruqi ~ “Systems are as good as the people who administer them. Organisations can rise no higher than the quality of their leaders”.

I am scared; actually very scared of what our future would look like if we brought back such tainted leaders to the ‘control room’. How could we trust our children’s future in their dirty hands?

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