Thursday, October 1, 2009

One (Trigger) Happy Flip Flop Nation

Err, Pak Lah has left his ‘throne’ last April but how come I keep ‘seeing’ Flip Flops every single day – this week alone. I know I am a dreamer but these flip flops are nightmares, I must say.

On Monday, MI has learnt that Government mulls Benz, BMWs for judges, to replace its leased fleet of ageing Perdana V6 Executive, which are no longer in production. We all know how reliable Benz and BMW are but is it well justified to ‘reward’ the judiciary for their inactions (in addition to slow and flip-flopping actions) in upholding justice and rights in this Ibu Pertiwi? Besides, to spend RM80.0 million a year on leasing these luxury cars from Spanco is utterly ‘sinful’ during this gloomy economy weather.

If we go by the standard of ‘buah tangan’ to Bagan Pinang, as reported here, we could build 2 more primary and secondary schools. If we go by the basic school any right-thinking ‘corporation’ would provide to its native people like our Penan brethrens, many of them would have experience proper education system near their home sweet home, instead of having to travel for hours. Many of our sisters would have been well educated (capable to alleviate their family from poverty) and some may have become teachers in their hometown, instead of living in seclusion with their out-of-wedlock babies – thanks to the loggers that raped them on their way to school.

If this proposal went through some thick skulls, I bet that many more ‘anak-anak buah’ would get their hands on these cars too. Oh, I forgot. That’s NEP – enriching those Anak Melayu since majority of our public servants are Anak Melayu – but backdoor NEP lah because we, the gracious taxpayers, fund their high-flying lifestyle.

Yesterday, Tok Ketua Kampung says “
Govt may tighten belt without compromising efficiency”, in ‘JKKK’ bid to control the fiscal deficit by cutting down its OPEX but without affecting its efficiency. Targetted subsidies would be provided to ensure such subsidies went to deserving people. Shish, that’s a damn good ‘joke’ or is it my sarcasm ‘running amok’.

Guys and gals, our judiciary deserves the cars because we wouldn’t want them to be late for the court proceedings, would we? Imagine the multiplier effect - more cases would be attended to and deliberated, less people ‘lounging’ in the cells, less missing files, justice would be upheld, FDI would make a comeback as the investors trust our judiciary system and that make us one (Trigger) Happy Flip Flop Nation!

Yeay! >:(


sunwayopal said...

The appropriate saying in this instance is "Make hay while the sun still shines"

zéwt said...

about 2 months ago... govt announced that they are really not looking into implementing GST.

... just wait and see what they will announce in the coming budget.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Sunwayopal

Yes, you are right, which is why i despise elitists and capitalists immensely.

Dear Zewt

I saw that coming after reading YB KJ's speech in recent UMNO assembly. They would entice us to believe that assistance will be provided to those in need and behind our back (or are we that blind to notice) they would impose this and that to reap back what they give away.