Sunday, October 11, 2009

From Broga to Bagan Pinang

From Broga to Bagan Pinang, we actually need one Wakil Rakyat like YB Zulkefly Omar and Madam Alice Lee - activists that fight for common people.

I cried watching these 2 videos - on YB Zul and on Madam Lee. How could the Gomen decide to build the biggest incinerator in Asia (if materialised), in such a pristine, scenic place like Broga? Was it because these 700 people, who majority are chinese, are irrelevant? Still, no incinerator should ever be built here in Malaysia because we are Malaysians, not Japanese (go figure why).

Politicians give us developments that most of the time affect our environment negatively. Look at Raub. Look at PD. Look at where i currently reside. It used to be adjacent to one Hutan Simpan and with all roads and residential areas thrown in between, the forest and its inhabitants are dying. Thanks to (Ba)Khi(l) Toyo.

So, when I read this piece of dilemma, wondering “How will he (YB Zulkefly) sell himself to multiracial and multireligious voters while making sure PAS's Islamist skeletons do not come jumping out of his campaign closet?”, really irks me. Such ‘celebrity-like questions by The Nutgraph’ reflects how shallow our society could be.

So, I wonder - did the Gomen or the media politicise everything under the sun? Reading that shallow piece, you now know the media in this Ibu Pertiwi plays a detrimental force to us Anak Bangsa Malaysia and our future due to the media inability to decouple national issues (that to be tackled by top leaders) from 'isu masyarakat setempat'. For that, I salute YB Zul for his consistent no-nonsense response to the nutty reporter.

For me, each by-election is Kingmaker to us Anak Bangsa Malaysia. It is the opportunity to 'micro analyse' how a constituency is being run and the issues face by it and its people. If, given that BG has been under the purview of one man, 'bernaung di bawah payung emas Kerajaan Pusat' for the longest time, I wonder why PD has become what it is today. I wonder some Indian kids had to make do learning in shoplots because there is no school for them. I wonder why water is still a problem . I wonder why it's called Bandar Tentera Lalat.

Why? Well, let me put it simply - 'sebab tak ada ketua yang ikut kehendak rakyat'.

It's polling day in BG and my Mak says the V goes to BN (thanks to postal votes and 'biar mati anak, jangan mati adat' folks).

Dear YB Zul and Madam Alice Lee, I admire your spirit. "Lawan tetap Lawan"!

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