Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Solace Last Night

This card is perfect for you


I found the one card that's just right for you

But I want you to know, it wasn't easy to do...

In Search of the Perfect Card

Special people deserve special cards

If you were just anybody, then any old card would do

But you're not "just anybody" (Trust me on this one)

A card for you has to be just right

It has to be thoughtful and sincere, just like you

It has to let you know that it is sent with a big, thankful smile

And that it can't wait to arrive!

It needs to let you know

Just as soon as you open it and read it

That it's from someone

Who cares so much about you and your happiness

It needs to be something you can hold in your hands for this moment

And something you can put in a special place where -

Everytime you see it in days yet to be

It will brighten your life in a quiet, loving way

A card for you has to be as perfect as perfect can be

Because you are perfectly me

p.s. Life is cruel, I know but it is really heart-breakingly cruel when you cried, missing someone so much, in the middle of joyous moments you shared with others. That's was me last night. My only solace was the card above...

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