Saturday, October 25, 2008

Queen of the Day

My younger brother is getting married in November 2008. As the BIG day getting nearer, everyone is getting excited and wanted to contribute something to the special day - in a way or two. Sometimes, when we thought we are helping, especially about giving ideas and suggestions on how to do things, we could, unfortunately, cause some pains to the Raja Sehari.

I have been thinking - when my special day comes, i just want it to be simple. Here is how simple it will be.

1. Marriage solemnisation - In front of Kaabah, Makkah Al Mukarramah with our parents around

2. Wedding reception - Just doa selamat amongst family members and close friends. No gifts except cash allowed as we will donate the cash to orphanage of our choice. Since we are starting our live together, we feel that we should give these kids a good start in life too

3. Wedding memento - a CD of songs and photos

4. Honeymoon - we will be having ours, everyday, every moment, till the end

I know a lot of people will scoff at my thoughts but always remeber, i will be the Queen of the Day ;)

p.s. this post does not implied that i have found THE ONE & ONLY. Perhaps, a caution to the potential THE ONE & ONLY that he will have a difficult time explaining to his parents and relatives about his QUEEN's wedding wishes...

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