Saturday, October 25, 2008

An Inspiration to Human Capitalism

Since i came back from The Little redDot, i started frequenting the library at my work place, way too often that i started reading THE FORTUNE. In its 19 February 2008 edition, the mags named Madam Indra Nooyi as the most successful women in business. You must read it here.

Later, i started googling her...the more i read, she makes me sighing in relief, with much gratitude that she is who she is...totally awesome and inspiring. I also found her speech at Columbia University Business School graduation ceremony in 2005 here. I think she is capable of putting soul into those graduates.

She became PepsiCo's CEO in October 2005 and in 2007, she was chosen amongst THE TIME 100. See below.


It shouldn't be surprising that PepsiCo, a quintessentially American company making quintessentially American products, would appoint a CEO who isn't American-born (or male, for that matter). After all, Pepsi gets about 40% of its $35.1 billion in sales of beverages, food and snacks from beyond the U.S. And most of the company's growth is overseas.

For Indra Nooyi, 51, the shocking thing isn't who she is but the world she has inherited. Globalism wasn't new when she joined PepsiCo more than a decade ago, but the globe part has changed. "The world has gone through a radical shift," says Nooyi. "There's incredible macroeconomic stability. That hasn't happened in the last 35 years."

As Pepsi's strategist—she's a former management consultant—Nooyi helped position PepsiCo for growth in China, the Middle East and her native India. (She is now a U.S. citizen.) "I am a global thinker in everything I do," she says.

Her vision is performance with purpose. It means not just delivering localized products—Walkers crisps in Coventry and Sabritos in Santiago. It's about sustainability on multiple levels: human, talent and environment. Efficient water and energy use has obvious paybacks. But creating a better community? "I need a healthy consumer out there," says Nooyi. "The only way I can do that is sustainability."


p.s. Love the parts in bold...

We need more people like her in this world..A good boss, a good friend, a good wife, a good mother, a good daughter and above all, a great human with thinking brain, living heart and soul..

I wish i could be like her...

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