Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dimana dia Duit Raya Saya?

I had trouble changing my duit-raya this year because my banker sucks! After walking about 10 minutes, I was greeted at the entrance of Bank Cap Kepala Rimau with a small notice – Duit Raya Habis – and it was a week to Hari eh…Well, I’ve worked at a branch in a commercial bank before and I can proudly say that we never turned down anyone asking to change for their Duit Raya. We would ask them to sit for a while while my DBM (Deputy Branch Manager) took out some new notes from the Strong Room. Boy, it felt so great to see one satisfied customer leaving our branch.

After such disappointment, I walked to Bank Islam, which is located nearer to my office, to change my Duit Raya. With its recent rebranding, the branch looked so posh and I was surprised I was greeted nicely by its CSO (Customer Service Officer) and she proceeded to ask me what kind of service I wish to do. I thought I was being nice to her firstly that she reciprocated but nope, I was wrong, she did that to everyone who came in. That’s priceless people – being treated like you are such an important customer.

I shared my Bank Cap Kepala Rimau experience with my sister, who used to work in that organisation after a merger. My sister told me that she waited for almost 1 hour to open a Savings Account for her sons and when she queried about an insurance plan, the lady CSO told her that she cannot answer that as the real CSO is on leave and no one in the branch knows about the product. A week after that, she called the customer care line to know more about the product (as stated in the brochure) and you wont believe what she was told – I’m sorry Ma’am. You need to go to the branch to know more about the product.

Hehehhehhe… That’s Malaysian Business Attitude at its best. Isn’t that reflection to typical Malaysian Government Servant Attitude? This Bank might be big but it is big because of its GLC-status and not because it is so damn good. I reckon the Bank introduced because it realised that their customer service sucks!

By the way, I only managed to change my Duit Raya through my 2 cousins who work in Bank Cap Kepala Rimau and Bank Angkatan Tentera – a day before Hari Raya. Alahai, I felt a big letdown because I had to resort to using my relationship status with those working in the Bank to get my Duit Raya changed. I thought I could do away with this nepotism.

Oh, I forgot to tell – I didn’t change them in Bank Islam as I had to leave for a meeting in 10 minutes time. Of course I learnt my lesson well about customer service – always be there early to greet them, make them feel welcomed and engage in an informal conversation with them. It helps a lot to break the ice so that later throughout the business relationship, my client will not hesitate to share and to assist me.

For me, everyone is important and in banking industry, your clients are your master - they pay your salary. Well, i'd rather put it that both the bank and the clients are in a symbiotic relationship. That way, both parties win!

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