Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tan Sri A Samad Ismail (1925-2008)

His youngest daughter works in the same organisation as mine and i was privileged to be amongst his collection of books during his daughter's open house a couple of years ago. Though i didnt manage to meet him as he wasnt in the best of health, i felt his presence in his books.

During the height of P44 by election, i got to know about Pak Samad's deteriorating health from his daughter's blog (Puan Nuraina of 3540 Jalan Sudin) and instinctively felt that his time has come. My google-ing brought me a deep sense of admiration for this great writer - the one that made you ponder, contemplate, aspire and act and his contribution to our independence. By knowing him, i got to read about Jose Rizal of Philippines. If there is an iota of goodness in our system, our people and our nation, i believe we owe it to him. How many writers and journalists ,today could be as impartial and selfless as Pak Samad? How may could make us feel that we love this country and we want to do good for her and her people? How embarrassing for me for i have not done anything meaningful to this country...

Pak Samad left us on 4 Sep 2008, 5.58 pm. May his soul rest amongst the believers and those who do good deeds. Al-fatihah.

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