Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Material Happiness Never Lasts

Note: A refreshing idea to ponder!

StarBiz, September 4, 2008 - Adopt ‘Sendiri Boleh’ attitude

iCapital urges Malaysians to focus and stay on course no matter the odds

CAN you still recall the time when Datuk Nicol David became the world’s number 1 woman squash player last year? After a long time, there were for once really solid reasons to feature in a prominent manner the achievements of a Malaysian. iCapital salutes the achievements of Nicol David. To be a world champion in any endeavour is a Herculean task.

To be a world champion the way David did and in a country like Malaysia where precious incentives are given to the wrong sports and people makes her achievements even more remarkable. The mass media has termed her achievements as an example of Malaysia Boleh. This is highly misleading and totally unfair to David.

Actually, the faster we get away from this ludicrous farce of Malaysia Boleh, the better it will be for the nation. David is a classic example of Sendiri Boleh. The message for all Malaysians from her success has to be Sendiri Boleh. If all Malaysians can be Sendiri Boleh, we would have a decent chance of getting Malaysia Boleh.

iCapital hopes that the new mantra from our Government is Sendiri Boleh. Sendiri Boleh simply means to rely on one’s self no matter how difficult it may be. Malaysia Boleh means to rely on the Government (the greater the reliance, the better it is).

Sendiri Boleh simply means one needs to be resourceful in order to overcome challenges and problems.
Malaysia Boleh means running away from really solving the problems by taking short-term measures or what is still a legacy common to Malaysians, by self-denial.

Sendiri Boleh simply means that if you do not succeed, there is no one to turn to but yourself. On the other hand, Malaysia Boleh just means Malaysia Tolong.

Sendiri Boleh means one has to focus and stay on course whatever the odds or challenges may be. Not all Malaysians can be world champions. But we can make all Malaysians follow the Sendiri Boleh mindset of Nicol David.

Our challenge is how can we transform the mindsets of all Malaysians from Malaysia Boleh (or what is closer to the truth, Malaysia Tak Boleh) to Sendiri Boleh.

Everywhere we go, everyone we talk to, there is only doom and gloom over Malaysia’s future. The list of our illnesses and symptoms is long. It can be so utterly depressing.

This week’s article is short but not sweet. iCapital has, since years ago, written plenty of articles and analysis on how Malaysia’s transformation can be achieved.

It has written on why it needs to be done and what the consequences will be if we do not transform and adapt.
Our hands are tired of writing on something that few politicians and policymakers are bothered with.

Our minds are exhausted from thinking of something that is so filled with heartfelt helplessness. Our hearts bleed for Malaysia.

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