Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Nah, I am not trying to promote YTL’s YES but here I am dying to introduce you to my spanking hot knowledge magnet – YES magazine.

With its tagline, “Powerful ideas, Practical Actions”, it carries articles on pertinent segments of life – peace and justice, planet, new economy, people power and happiness.

My favourite segment is New Economy (in fact, I was directed to this website upon searching for Madam Elinor Ostrom). Having read them all while listening to what our government announced under their whatever-Ps (ETP, GTP, EPP, IPP, etc.) just make me resolute that there is no other way to a better life than to change this government.

I thought I was underrating my expectations by going simple and resourceful but under the topic of Beyond Money, you’d see money isn’t everything. Under Cooperatives, YES shows that sharing is indeed caring and never at all burdening. While we all know money doesn’t grow on trees, Global Trade Justice tells us the real stories behind our myriad of crises and all. Go Local is simply breathtaking because it teaches how we can create and manage our own economy, instead of relying to global market. They say you should measure a man by his bank account and they forget to ask whether the credit balance derives from legal or illegitimate sources. In Measuring Real Wealth, you get to know what makes a man is hardly what he has in his pocket but what goodness he has in him for others. Social investment makes my heart glow because it stresses the importance of moral and social contributions in life. Work encompasses on matters that matter to create a conducive working environment.

This is a must-read site!

Perhaps, someone should direct Idris Jala and his team to this site. It will save us from all those monstrous economic 'reforms'.

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Common Malaysian said...

I have been following the GTP and firmly believe that Idris Jala is not serving anyone’s agenda. I am glad that Najib has started an effort so big to reform the state of our affairs, unlike any of his predecessors.
It is good that the PM has finally recognised the need to fix the foundation and from there work towards building a high income economy in the long run.
The GTP is meant to give the people better access to improved public service delivery and address the social development of the country. Agreed that it is a little delayed but nevertheless, it is happening. The transformation programmes are exactly what we need as all Ministries have specific KPIs to achieve. If they don’t achieve what is promised, they have too much to lose, especially after they have witnessed the power of the people at the polls during the last election.