Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Judge Wenger Khairy, what the H**ll happened to your YB KJ?

Flip-flopping like his FIL?

Or has he been 'belasah' by his peeps now he attacked Madam Ambiga?

What a sexist, racist bigot he is!

And to Ib-what Ali and Panglima Perang Cyber, you threaten my Chinese brothers and sisters, you threaten me (Leigh Ann Touhy, The Blind Side).


Antares said...

KJ needs an exorcist... or a series of ayahuasca sessions... or both! And you need a cool dip in the river of the waters of life! ;-) xoxox

Fi-sha said...

Dearest Antares
I envy you during these slithering hot days.