Thursday, May 12, 2011

Utusan _____(sia)sia

As I bent over, lining my dustbin with UtusanMalay(sia)sia last weekend, I saw “Blog BigDog”. Wow! Those words immediately gave me a model-like upright posture. How could this blogger, who is famous for his foul words and scanty photos all over his ‘dog house’, got his name entombed on this good-for-nothing daily? Damn it! I need to read the headline!

What! Shit! (shamelessly countlessly uttered). Phew, I was glad I had finished cooking for the day or if not, with those shits I bet those dishes would turn bad instantly.

What an ironic that a Malay ultra-UMNO guy, who calls himself Big Dog in his blog, divulged to that good-for-nothing daily that our Malaysian Christians are ‘conspiring’ to fight for Christian be made the official religion to our nation and that a Non-Muslim could be appointed as the Prime Minister. If I am a true Malaysian Malay Muslim, like he professes to be, I would have, not just second thought, many thoughts in fact, before believing his absurd allegations when he called himself “Big Dog” when dogs are amongst those ‘panic buttons’ to many ultra-Malay Muslims.

I am not questioning his nom de plume. I am questioning how a good-for-nothing national daily could rely on one Malay Muslim Blogger called Big Dog for such ‘all hell broke loose’ headline.

Heck! I later found out that my shitty worries are unfounded for my parents, who read Utusan _____(sia)sia, think they should not listen to someone called Big Dog to talk about ‘menegakkandanmemartabatkan agama Islam’. With another episode of shooting their feet off by Utusan _____(sia)sia, I wonder if you out there are still not convinced enough that it is such an urgent NEED to get rid of B(e)N(d) and its allies. When Pakatan Rakyat is pushing for Freedom of Information (“FOI”), B(e)N(d) and Utusan _____(sia)sia are pushing for Freedom of Lies.

I remember those evenings I spent on Ayah’s laps learning to read from once-credible Utusan Malaysia when I was still a naïve and sweet little girl. As I turned into a vile and riled old woman, it too has changed into a meaningless Utusan _____(sia)sia.

Here’s Muse’s “Uprising” for you to get energised and kick some butts and buts.

p.s. If I ever be a mother, I want my child to grow up learning about his people and nation from our local newspaper. It is high time Pakatan Rakyat comes out with its own daily to feed the mind, the heart and the soul of Malaysians.

p.p.s. A few of my buddies complained that they could not accept Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders giving talks and interviews overseas on our government’s misdeeds. I hope they’d realise by now that telling the truths should be considered courageous and admirable compared to spreading lies after lies just to stay in power. May we be reminded that having power isn’t about being powerful but having the power to carry out the responsibilities entrusted in our hands.

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Antares said...

You are everything I like about Malaysia, dear Fi-Sha! :-) xoxox