Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Satire of Malaysian's Public Transportation

"Where do you work", asks a man, who seems to grin bigger by each passing day when he passes my seat.

"Somewhere near here", I replied in haste (I wish I could sing Wizard of Oz's "Somewhere over the rainbow"), as we climb up the stairs to the LRT station.

"With whom do you stay with? Husband?"


"How come your husband does not send you to office?"

"Oh, he's in Russia, training to be the next Angkasawan", with a big smile.

"Oh!", as he hurried up the stairs leaving me grinning like Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire Cat.

And I never saw him again. Mission accomplished.

So, since when one has to stop taking public transport once she is married? And who says that we can ask personal questions just because we have something in common and that is the bus we are taking every single morning?

Hm, I thought my plugged earphones would deter unwanted attention and question. So, I was wrong. Curiosity could kill a cat but never a man on a bus/lrt/commuter! Sigh!

Well, taking about men on a bus/lrt/commuter, I read with much shocks last week that men have been complaining about implementation of women's only buses/coaches. While some are just plain ignorant (for not knowing about this), these men have the cheeks to get jealous over women, who too have to sardine in their women's only coaches! I have never seen our coaches being comfy, let alone empty that those men have to sardine themselves with those of same species.

But then, I agree with them when they complained that couples would board those non women's coaches when the XX chromosome bearing species should respect the silent arrangement that women should board the all women's coaches, while their male partners get pushed into the other coaches.

But if you look closely on those coaches where men reside, you could see them distancing themselves with some not making any move further into the coaches, hence, perfectly explains why men would have to wait longer to get on the commuter while we women crushed our bodies so we could get home, cook, do some laundry and have a quiet time reading before calling it a day. Perhaps, it's been doctrined in men that resourcesfullness and multitasking are women's forte and these men have to be told to do so. So, stop complaining.

Once, I took alll women's bus back home. Five minutes later, the bell rings and the ladies point their dainty fingers to a man, secretly getting on the bus through the back door. The mysterious man walks towards the conductor, trying to share his 2 cents, hoping he could get a ride. But, we all could smell his alcoholic breaths when he zig zagging his way to the conductor. He is plain drunk! And tell me, gentlemen, if you would allow a drunk/a molester/etc to share a bus/lrt/commuters with you ladies? While I am not saying that all men could be a drunkard/ a molester, but having these services simply provide the best security you all could offer to your beloved women in your life, like your mom, wife, sister and daughter. We would not be exposed to unnecesary, unwanted hassles from men.

Not surprising to see more women are embracing the power of public transport in Malaysia while most men remain adamant to the comfort of their car seat.

Yet, when it comes to voting the right people to run our government, I wonder if we women have done our part to ensure our public transportation system is safe, realible and affordable. Maybe we have done so and it is high time to get our men to do the same too.

Or perhaps, it is high time to have a lady PM? After all, most people's power revolutions in Asia were led by women, namely Tita Cory and Daw Aung San Suu Kyii!


zorro said...

That shoo-off one liner is superb: "Oh, he's in Russia, training to be the next Angkasawan"

Fisha.....game for Merlimau nomination day?

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