Monday, February 21, 2011

Horrific Justice!

I read Captain Iskandar Dzulkarnain "The horror if Pakatan wins..." on MI with a smirk sans goose bumps or hairs standing on my neck (just like when I watched (hardly justified as one when I sat in front of the telly with both eyes closed but screamed listening to the as-always-overdramatic music) a horror TV series on Ananda Krishna's ASTRO channel last night).

For my dear readers' information (:D is there anyone out there reading this anyway but I shall remain eternally optimistic), I completed reading Marshall Goldsmith's "What Got You Here Won't Get You There" (Thanks Pak Busu for hinting that I am after all a successful individual by lending me his book, though I don't think I am one by any chance) months ago and one of the bad habits I need to shed away is to stop being sarcastic! Shish! So, do you think I should read Captain Iskandar Dzulkarnain's article with a glassful of sarcasm? If I could, I think his article is one brilliant case of Reverse Psychology (Oh, I once dreamt to be a psychologist but was thought to be too cute (yes, you know cute is equivalent to ugly but adorable) to serve the madmen in Tanjung Rambutan)!

Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain has the following 'horrific' list for us Malaysians out there to ponder: -

• Meritocracy would be fully restored, heightening intense competition for places in public educational institutions, government institutions, the public and private sectors and the civil service;

• A free market economy, that will be disadvantageous to certain segments of society dependent on the NEM;

• Equality among the races, that will ridicule our supremacy and superiority;

• Financial institutions will tighten loan requirements to only people who are able to repay;

• Unbridled freedom of expression that may embarrass the country’s plurality;

• A repressed “Ketuanan Melayu” and Malay domination;

• Widespread religious freedom that may affect the sanctity of Islam as the Religion of the Federation;

• A spendthrift government that will retard economic stimulus, leading to a bankrupt nation;

• Open tender exercises that will affect a large segment of contractors that cannot compete equally on a level playing field;

• Curbing the mass issuance of citizenships to foreigners, thus affecting our target population of 70 million by 2020 (Vision 2020);

• Discontinuation of billion-ringgit mega projects which could stimulate our bearish economy;

• Abolishment of the ISA and the Sedition Act, that may encourage terrorism, freedom of expression, illegal congregation, extremism and sedition;

• Checks and balances will be introduced in all government departments that will tax the patience of the Civil Service;

• Politeness and dedication to service will be introduced in all Civil and Public Departments;
• Cronyism will become a dirty word;

• MACC will go under the purview of Parliament, thereby restricting its independence to select and prosecute without fear or favour;

• The separation of powers of the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature will lead to a true democracy so unlike our current administration;

• There will be no more such thing as easy money. Everyone will have to slog for their bread and butter.

If these are 'horrific' to us, I wonder if we were born in Mars!

Thank you Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain (I really like his name) for your piece of 'horrific' list. For once, I enjoy such horror :)

p.s. OK, I failed sarcasm-no-more-meter as I still think being sarcastic during this 'horrific' time in our history fuels my desire for a better Malaysia.


capt iskandar dzulkarnain said...

thank you for the lovely portrayal of the article. your articulations is better than sarcasm, it is great humour. I came across it this afternoon, and I think it really is a nice piece of blogging. I took it out and reposted it on my blog.. i hope u dont mind.
capt iskandar dzulkarnain

Anti Money Laundering said...

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