Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Scratchy Model

After a botched PC with Maju Holding Group’s Chairman to solve land disputes surrounding Bandar Tasik Selatan’s ITT BTS (south-bound integrated bus terminal), FT Minister, Raja Nong Chik was informed by his boss that the latter will meet with Kg Baru residents on Feb 5, during which he is expected to make several important announcements. With Najib on high-gear to ‘monetise’ all landbanks belonging to the Government of Malaysians as part of his NEM, it is unlikely common people of Kg Baru would benefit from his upcoming announcement.

If I’m a resident to this unique Malay village, I would have mixed feelings with his anticipated visit. Should I feel elated and proud as his great concerns on me and my people reflect how important we are to him? After all, he said, “Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan”. Or should I feel wary of his ‘out-of-the-blue’ expression of ‘goodwill’ knowing that Kg Baru is indeed ‘The Jewel in the Crown”.

Whatever he will announce, I hope he won’t do his infamous “You help me, I help you” speech because someone of his stature should not be associated with “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” kind of mentality in governing our Ibu Pertiwi. If he insisted, he then should rename his NEM to NSM – that is New Scratchy Model!

Alas, under his premiership, this seems like his ‘winning’ mantra. Look at his RM1.6 Billion for Felda ahead of Tenang by-election, which I am very skeptical if the said Billion is for the benefits of our hardworking settlers.

He and people working for him should adopt ‘Love thy neighboursGolden Rule. Alas, what do you expect from someone like him, whose paranoid aides asked the church to remove crosses, prohibit hymns and prayers/scripture from our Christian’s brothers and sisters Bible during his visit to Mar Thoma Church in Brickfield last month.

Nonetheless, I recall Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s Last Sermon, which amongst others said that, “You are all equal. Nobody has superiority over other except by piety and good action”.

Perhaps, it’s high time his ‘muftis’, ‘ulamas’ and heads of religious departments do us Malaysians a favour by advising him of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s last sermon in performing his responsibility as the Prime Minister of our Ibu Pertiwi. That will do.

p.s. I purposely mentioned Raja Nong Chik in this post because as FT Minister, he brings more problems to every project he put his hands into like Keramat Old Market, Sentul’s Kampung Railway, Brickfields’ Little India and Bandar Tasik Selatan’s ITT BTS. Like PEMANDU, we will continue to be a constant comical act to the whole world if we continue to appoint a Minister just to cause more troubles!

p.s.s. On the victorious night after our young Harimau Malaya team lifted their AFF Suzuki Cup in Bandung in front of befuddled Indonesian fans, one of Apex’s Facebook fans (that is our serious looking goalie Khairul Fahmi Che Mat) thanked him for bringing back sexy Malaysia football. Maybe some people should learn a thing or two from Khairul Fahmi’s consistent sterling performance! It’s sexy, not scratchy, back game we ought to play!
p.s.s.s One of Peter Gabriel's songs has captivated me, hence, explained why I have his gig poster :)

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Uncle Lee said...

Hello Fi-Sha, I always enjoy reading your, 'without fear or favour' style of postings.
And I must add, I was surprised to read of what the Minister does or his followers encouraged.

Please excuse my mentioning this...but they must be from another planet?
And my receiving emails from friends about PM's 'Malaysia One'....?

Anyway, I for one have never trusted any politicians, whoever, whatever country.
And Global warming is caused by them, nothing else.
As well just see how they live tells you what they are.
Have a pleasant weekend. Best regards, Lee.