Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blow Baby Blow

Life is always a mystery as it presents you something you desire/love/enjoy/look forward to when you can’t do anything about it.

When I was small, Mak would ask me what I want to have today every morning before she goes to market. Mak would ask me that whenever I fall sick because when I am one, all Mak could see in me is just a semi-comatose girl ditching the whole world for days. I sleep most of the time and hardly consume anything. God bless her soul, Mak would lure me out of my ‘dark, warm and comforting cave’ with a bowl of cold and heavenly smelled Lady’s Choice Strawberry jelly (that is what I would request from her). Painstakingly slow and assuring, she nurses me back into a girl who put up a fight with a boy, whose name was jotted down by her as he teased 2 girls in their class when our class teacher was out (if you asked the boys from my school, they would describe me as a girl who cried a lot but had guts to voice my mind. That’s me Ms Weepy Winter Poppy Sick).

Yes, this cold monsoon weather has not been kind to me. It always makes me sick and when I’m sick, I fall really sick. Recently, I emptied 4 boxes of tissues (my nose was as red as the clown’s), drained 3 bottles of cough syrup (Codeine did not have any hallucinating effects on me. Sigh!), popped tens of pills (half of them I vomited afterwards as my esophagus triggered involuntarily acts to dispel thick phlegm from my system), used asthmatic inhaler (so I won’t cough like a hyena all night long. Dear neighbours, please forgive me) and dropped reading, writing and socializing altogether (No Xmas or New Year wishes to those I care).

For such horrible actions, I am ashamed of myself.

Here, I plead for forgiveness from my dear friends, my blog and remaining working cells in my brain as I have ditched them in my pursuit to nurse myself back to health.

Yes, every time I fall sick, I think of death nearing my bedside while praying hard that I would be given another chance, some precious time and a little grace to be alive and carry out purpose I was born into this world in the first place.

They say, falling sick is a way for us to redeem ourselves, cleanse our souls from the sins and make us more aware of our own existence. I hope this year I’d be a better, stronger and kinder person and I wish all of you out there the very same prayer. Let’s spread these positive vibes all year round.

They say, friends or foes, we should all nurse the sick with kindness.

May we ‘nurse’ our differences we have proactively, constructively and attentively. May we ‘nurse’ our Ibu Pertiwi back to its former glory by firstly, getting rid of our ego, prejudice and siege mentality; secondly, breathe and live real values that once unite our forefathers in harmony; thirdly, empower ourselves with vital skills and information to kick-start the progress of this Ibu Pertiwi and its Rakyat, which has been gridlocked for years; and finally, embrace the fact that we have been presented with this chance to change, hence, so it is just right that we ride on this wind of changes and make the changes work for betterment of all.

So, while you blow this wind of changes so others could ride it on further and better, could you please excuse me as I need to blow my nose?

p.s. Dandelion symbolizes ultimate emblem for persistence and a strong will. It is also thought to represent wishes coming true, cheerful love, and general happiness. I guess it would be my fave flower this year.

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