Thursday, February 5, 2009

No Silver Lining in Perak

I wish i could fly up to Ipoh because I want to join other concerned citizens of our Ibu Pertiwi, along with our fellow Perakians, to show our solidarity support for people-elected PR State Government.

It is a sad day: -

1. For democracy, for it being ignored in a state helmed by royal family duly informed of legality,trampled down with sinful money thrown in by B(e)N(d).

2. For people's voice being ignored when the ones to be served by the state government are the people, not the political parties or any other parties with interests.

3. For Perak Heinous 4' dignity being so dirt cheap, B(e)N(d) could just throw in some sinful money to make them have a change of heart.

4. For parents out there who brought up monsterous politicians, walking on this world as if others owe them a princely living, with no regards what so ever to the good values of the religion they say they embraced to.

I'm not a Perakian but why i feel this emotional?

For the time being, i take comfort in last para from Tuan Guru Nik Aziz's statement on "Raja dan Demokrasi" dated today in relation to Perak political turmoil: -

"Ingatlah, Allah Maha Berkuasa diatas segala sesuatu dan Allah tidak akan berpihak kepada pihak yang berbuat kezaliman. Sebaliknya, Allah akan menurunkan bantuan kepada mereka yang dikhianati dan mereka yang ditindas. Firman Allah S.W.T. bermaksud : “Maka orang-orang yang zalim itu dimusnahkan sampai ke akar-akarnya. Segala Puji Bagi Allah Tuhan semesta Alam.” (Surah Al An’aam: Ayat 45)".

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